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  • The Blackened Blades

    [[File:662562 | class=media-item-align-right | blackened_blades.jpg]]

    Guildmaster: Unknown.

    Sphere of Influence: Rishadan, Kordovan [[Dockside]], Innarith.


  • Etto Parade Boys

    A minor racketeering gang out of [[The Warrens]], the Etto Boys have recently seen a downturn in fortunes due to an internal 'power-struggle'. Their reputation is one of low level crime and thuggery with very little finesse, or real concern for …

  • Jeremiah

    *Known Background:* The hot pie salesman (boy) who seems ahead of most idle or impromptu gatherings of Kordovan citizens. The Party first encountered Jeremiah when he made a quick profit off Gaukin in the streets of the Guilder District, but not before …

  • Gavlar Hrun

    Gavlar runs the [[Etto Parade Boys]] through a combination of grudging respect and heavy fists. He has recently seen a challenge to his domination of the gang which resulted in several members meeting unfortunate and ultimately river-soaked ends. This has …

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