The Destiny of Kord

Royal Aspirations
Catch-Up Vignette 4 - "Cathrykan and Company"

Afternoon – 20th Elesias, 472KR, The Citadel, Kordova.

Story: A distinct and icy chill noise of small, sharply filed metal chains and religious accouterments accompanied Cathrykan as she 'stomped' happily down the velvet carpet of the hall. A smile of self-satisfaction emerged slightly at the corners of her elegant high-boned mouth as certain courtiers simpered or waved as their preference dictated. Behind her she heard the barely concealed snort of derision from Ser Andros (apologies; Ser Andario of Helm) as a smirk cleft his handsome but cruel features. Inwardly Cathrykan approved, he was after all a dedicated follower of Her Lady. However she much preferred Treava's cautious and respectful observances, or Sallamrykan's outright ambition and kinship,  to the calculating gaze of the commoner-cum-noble from Torsch. Still, allies were allies, proof just ahead as she adjusted her skirts and cast a studied eye over the group surrounding Queen Sydana during this most trying of hours.

Despite the attack at the Colosseum and the disappearance of the Princess Tevalya and her newly wedded Prince Hermetta, Sydana had found some time to change into a garb reminiscent of a widow's dress, the exception being the high cut side slits and elegant silver thread chasings that accentuated her pale skin and long limbs. With her entourage behind her, Cathrykan pushed past the flattery and blathering of minor courtiers and presented herself with flawless curtsey and grace before Her Majesty.

"Cathrykan, how timely. I have been looking for a man of action, and as usual find myself bereft, or with too many heading in the wrong direction. Such is our lot I fear…" Sydana quiped, with venom in her eyes for the nobles beyond their own small group.

As most of the Sunset Wanderers and a nervous Silvio were beyond the doors with King Ottovar, Lord Muertollia and other luminaries, Cathrykan and those close to the Queen formed an island of relative calm. The long-disused 'Broken Hall' filled to its brim with courtiers and legionaries seethed with conversation and conjecture, until those stout ancient doors to the 'Old Court' were thrown wide. Commotion and incoherent ravings in the King's voice could be heard, along with the forceful yet placating tones of Darvan Muertollia.

With a crowd between her entourage and the doors, Cathrykan hung by the Queen's side, eyeing the reactions of courtier and servant alike. Her observation was abruptly ended by the sight of a confused looking, yet immaculately presented Calaith, cutting an impossible line from the doors to her royal group, eyes a little misted as usual and his fine elven face drawn as if from some malady. Men looked at him askance, and the ladies of the Queen's solar sighed as the darkly jacketed and pale featured elf approached his companion. Cathrykan inwardly noted the touch of an arm here, the slight adjustment of hair or bodice there and likewise the oblivious and determined gaze of Calaith, his eyes haunted and a little strange.


Queen Sydana greeted the two courtly Sunset Wanderers warmly despite her preoccupation with the abduction of her daughter and the now very audible ravings of her enraged husband. With cool poise she took Calaith and Cathrykan into her group of followers, culling some of the sycophants and hangers-on with a withering gaze and preemptory command. Those left, including Cathrykan's small entourage, were led by Queen Sydana from the Old Palace and into a series of inter-connected cloisters and corridors which became more well appointed as they moved into the Halls dating from the time of Markovar II and then the splashy and gilded sections built for Ottovar and Sydana in recent years. Their destination was known to Cathrykan and Calaith, the carven solar that hung along the south wall of the White Tower, overlooking the bluffs of the Citadel and the Clifftower below. 



Cathrykan - 

Calaith - (Con Check Failed).

Sallamrykan Evrezz -

Treava - 

Ser Andros -

The Party -

Active Characters:


Off Characters:



[[:sallamrykan | Sallamrykan Evrezz]], [[:treava | Treava Acolyte of Pain]],  Ser Andros of Her Bloody Rose, [[:sydana | Queen Sydana]].





Story Goals Achieved:





The Missing Newly Weds
Session 17 - "Chasing the Flames"

Afternoon – 20th Elesias, 472KR, The Citadel, Kordova.

Story: Hastening directly from the partially shattered Colosseum, the bulk of the Sunset Wanderers, led by a purposeful Lord Muertollia, began to ascend the well cobbled paths upward to the citadel pushing through the distressed crowds. City-folk and visitors alike were being herded by members of the Burning Spear Legion toward the suburbs surrounding the "The Circus District" and the armed adventurers found themselves in a sea of populace until they arrived at the high University Gates on the citadel's northwestern arm.

Burning Spear veterans drew back to allow them quick passage, Lord Muertollia's demeanour brooking no interruption as they made their way through leafy streets and byways to the ancient Old Court, still moldering next to its flashy and oversized successor. Up cramped twisting stairs they emerged into an antechamber with guarded archway that they were immediately admitted through. Inside a plain audience hall, lacking much of the ostentation of the Altan regime, the King, Ottovar Altan and his immediate confidants were involved in a highly charged discussion.


Meanwhile, Kosef Mara, changeling and denizen of the Kordovan stews, had been absent since very shortly after the attack at the Colosseum. Having paid close attention to the movements of the extended family Hermetta, he had decided to follow their exit from the Colosseum as soon as was practical. Emerging from a blood spattered access tunnel he quickly donned the guise of an indeterminate tradesman or merchants labourer and set about following the noble clan. After making their way through abandoned stalls and stabling for animals the family Hermetta stopped near a temporary warehouse, where they were met by a strange entourage.

Two heavily cloaked and hooded figures, despite Kordova's summer heat, and a trio of rough looking men in the mismatched armour of professional pit-fighters. On closer inspection Kosef noted a further oddity. Both of the hooded figures had their hoods tightly secured about their necks and were not so much guided, as herded by the men. One stood tall and straight, about the size of a large man, the other diminutive and not much above five feet in height.

After a brief conference most of the female and older members of the clan began to make their way as a group back into the city proper, whilst the younger members made their way with the five new arrivals deeper into the collection of temporary structures and tents erected for the Tourney of the Seven Stars. Using stables, temporary shelters and the discarded trash of the carnival, Kosef made his way behind the smaller group, his eyes darting back and forth for any movement that might presage an ambuscade or the arrival of further quarry.

A partial compound, stock-yard and trade building had been constructed nearest to the outer area of the Tourney’s temporray grounds. Into this building the younger members of the clan Hermetta, the rough men and their charges disappeared, about to slam the door before a slightly puffing and late younger cousin approached, and was under raised eye-brow also admitted.

Wiping the sweat from an unfamiliar weak jaw-line and brow, Kosef took in the corridor, crowded with his ‘family’, the prevalence of weapons and equipment, the strange green glow from the corridor’s end. His new form was cramped and small, typical of these humans with the grace of falling tortoises. Focusing on the present, rather than the deficiencies of his prey, Kosef deftly palmed a dagger and waited for those in front to finish their passage into the room with the mysterious emanations of green light.

An arcane portal, greenish-yellow in the dim ramshackle central room saw



Sharah - 

Evnarra - 

Derenteriel – 

Keldan - 

Kosef -

The Party -

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OFF CHARACTERS – (excluding Cathrykan and Calaith) – 1137xp.

Story Goals Achieved:

The Ancient Door to the Forbidden has been if not penetrated, then 'jumped-around' by the Party. They now have a clear picture of the sealed sections of the underside of Kordova from the time of the mad-King Drazzar. It would seem that both the cult and the Hermetta clan (in conjunction) have made use of this area, and excavated into those areas beneath the Forbidden that form the oldest parts of Kordova's strata and the Upper-Dark.




Attack on the House of Altan
Session 16 - "Unexpected Assistance is Unexpected"

Early Morning - 20th Elesias, Circus District, Kordova.










The Party -

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Guilder's Rest and Doldrum Days
Interlude 3 - "Happy Holidays"

29th of Flamerule, 472 KR, Day of Conciliation, Kordova.

Placeholder future.

2nd – 14th Elesias, 472KR, Various Locations.

NPC's: [[:andrukkar | Andrukkar Stouthaft]], Quailyth Half-Elven, [[:bilvyn | Bilvyn Corkhand]], Brother Opius, [[:pina | Pina Muteheart]], Magretor Homeforger, [[:wanderra | Wanderra Lightouch]], Killain Shintar and more…

GM Notes: And so concludes ACT I of our journey. Hopefully we all make it intact through the next four. Again stressing that the true 'drivers' of this tale are the members of the Sunset Wanderers. However, the multiverse does continue to move in a myriad of directions, and one of these is forwards…

Catching up on the Story
Sessions 12 - 15 "GM is busy with life"

Convalescence and 'Unwelcome' Attentions.


What Happened to Calaith?


The Attack on the Hall of the Sunset:

All. Plus Expedition C.

Hylaea Parts II & III.

All – Split.

Cementing Street Cred
Catch-Up Vignette 3 - "Life in the Warrens"

Afternoon -



Active Characters:

Erro Moonshadow and Sharah Bloodcast.

Off Characters:






The Height of Summer
Session 11 - "Closer to Home"

Afternoon, 26th Flamerule, 472KR, Supplicants Circle, University District, Kordova.

Story: In the deepening gloom of Kordova's late summer evening a disparate pair made their way amidst the bustle and revels along the stinking length of the Grand Canal in search of the bridge that would take them into her southern stews. The ancient city's fine cobbling and impressive architecture giving way to the newer, more earthy constructions and markets as they passed through the rich smells and sounds of the canal-side shopping district.

"Meera" – A Gnomish Factotum from the outlying dales of Cormyr, close to where they merge with the Dalelands proper. Played by nickleby84.

Derenteriel – An Elvish Warlock of uncertain origins pursuing an inscrutable line of enquiry. Played by InsightfulgamR.

Night, 26th Flamerule, 472KR, Hall of the Sunset, Westgate District, Kordova.


Evnarra - Has recieved a message from Magretor to meet her at the Lion's Head Inn on the fringes of Bel-Sydana tomorrow. It seems the venerable Svirfneblin may have a lead on a reagent or base for their Healing Potion and wishes to talk to her before heading in search of the ingredient.

Lando – Observed an interesting meeting between Silvio and an attractive Kordovan woman in her thirties, before making his painful way (on the morning of the 27th) to the Shady Lane Hospice in Lavrana, close by the Temple of the Fortunate Coin. Here he hopes to convalesce and regain the use of his broken leg with better palliative care than would be available from the Chef or Arantes.

Kosef – Absents himself from the group during their walk back from the Legion District, melting into the shadows and tangles of the Warrens, headed for points unknown within the bowels of the Kordovan slums.

Erro – Manages to get a few words in edgewise at the Hall of the Sunset, despite considerable confusion and the arrival of two late night visitors. Not particularly concerned with events and keen to visit his charges in Fletcher's Square, the elvish monk departs after a brief repast in search of his deputy, Pina Muteheart.

Calaith – Is Absent (capital letter intended). See previous Adventure Log and above for details on the guilder's reactions and some insight into the predicament, that it must be said, Calaith dropped himself into.

Morning, 27th Flamerule, 472KR, Miner's Trail, Whisperwind Hills near Kordova's North Eastern Farms.


Gaukin – Displays loyalty over caution yet again when (concerned for Sharah, disguised and alone with a cultist), the young Goliath creeps forward despite his companions hissed 'no's' just to check if his friend was all-right. Fortunately his clunky stride and large size did not quite give the game away at this point, the cultist being more concerned with the opportunity to pray with the disguised Sharah over the 'sacred-resting-place-of-the-Chosen-One'.

Cathrykan - Is in fine form and high fettle. Mispronouncing names (possible deliberate), being generally dismissive and abrasive (definitely deliberate) and taking any opportunity to needle or provoke her travelling companions.  Her cruel execution (again via spectral choking) of a cultist (posing as a villager) and obsession with pain again coming to the fore. Surprisingly, apart from a few barbs back and forth, she is yet to really have a confrontation with Sir Andario, the new Wanderer who is obviously a devotee of Helm.

"Meera" – Mentally and then verbally questions the new company she finds herself in. With few reference points as to 'who-is-who-in-the-zoo' the foreign gnome finds some of the Wanderers methods a little confusing and more than a trifle brutal. Finally distracted by a shiny set of magical items and a puzzle to solve, Meera can be forgiven for forgetting to check the ornate helm properly, only finding out some few seconds later that not only could she not remove the helmet, but that it compelled her with a terrible voice in the depths her mind the urge to revenge herself on any who would strike at her.

Derenteriel – Is found to be a polite, if somewhat secretive elf, with a low even voice and careful mannerisms. Less concerned with the deaths of the disguised cult members than the other non-guilder Meera. His attempts to be alone with the Party's two prisoners went unnoticed by all except Andario and it is as yet unclear whether the first prisoner actually dodged a far worse fate than that 'given' to him by Cathrykan. What is certain is that Derenteriel's chilling whisper to the corpse was heard only by himself, the dead man and the wind. 

Sharah – Turns her hand again at disguise and makes a performance of her stealthy activities. With robes, accouterments and a quick 'accent' performance for Iviir and N'donnrik which bought the Party some valuable time, Sharah has set her feet firmly on the path to Bardic knowledge, augmenting her already considerable covert abilities with the testing of new cantrips and invocations to assist her friends and confound her enemies.

Active Characters:

Cathrykan Shintar, Derenteriel Eanderel, Gaukin Lumberbearer Katho-Kakane, Melseerauilleonravensthicket, Sharah Bloodcast.

Off Characters:

Calaith Absent Somewhere, Lando 18 Day Convalescence, Silifrey Travelling from Sherra to Kordova, Evnarra Hall of the Sunset, Erro at the house called Derneal's Rest in Fletcher's Square, Kosef Absent within Kordova.



N'donnrik, Lady Mersault, Iviir the Red, Nefario, Hokkar.


Stone of Ash: (Final Emergence Point).

Marran: (Disused Mining Town & Works).

Tomb of the Abhorred: (Ancient proto-Thalasian tomb, 'disturbed').

New Rumours: (Links to Follow in Wiki).

Fiery Torsch?: (A Town that keeps 'cropping-up').

From the chance meeting with Quailyth, to cult priests and unidentified 'groups-from-Torsch', this moderately sized town on Kordia's Eastern border is beginning to emerge onto the horizon of the Wanderers vision in a less than pleasant way. As yet no pressing issues have been discovered in the area, although the Brothers of Ash and Flame definitely draw many of their recruits from that region. Sharah has consistently heard, and even impersonated, the Torschan accent peculiar to those towns and villages on the plain to the North-East of the Whisperwind Hills. 

A Noble Conspiracy?: (Are the Hermetta's involved with the Brothers of Ash and Flame? And if so, does the conspiracy go further?).



The Hylaean Navy and Wildfire: (Is the City-state supporting the Derluskan Separatists and gearing for war?).

With the  Head of the Hylaean Alchemists Guild now 'identified' (see previous Adventure Log), and an accord of ideas struck, boundaries defined and royalty informed it now lies in the hands of a disturbed King Ottovar to make the next political move in the circle. Unfortunately he does not possess the intimate knowledge of the Alchemists Guild, it's leader and his identity in the city of Kordova itself, so his decisions may be made based on his fears and set-backs in Derlusk, rather than educated sense.


1119 XP for each ACTIVE Character.

727 XP for each OFF Character.

Just to make sure we're all up to date (after some Obsidian and Character Sheet Problems) I'll put up the totals from the Master Sheet:

Calaith – 7384 XP. Level 5 Sorcerer 4 / Warlock 1 (Wild Magic).

Cathrykan - 6852 XP. Level 5 Cleric (Death Domain).

Derenteriel - 7362 XP. Level 5 Warlock (Blood Patron).

Erro – 7328 XP. Level 5 Monk (Way of the Open Hand).

Evnarra – 6848 XP. Level 5 Wizard (Illusionist).

Gaukin – 7820 XP. Level 5 Fighter (Champion).

Kosef – 6586 XP. Level 5 Rogue (Ghost Faced Killer).

Lando – 8280 XP. Level 5 Rogue (Swashbuckler).

Meera – 7362 XP. Lv. 5 Factotum (Adventurer Extraordinaire).

Sharah – 7903 XP. Level 5 Rogue 4 / Bard 1 (Mastermind).

Silifrey – 6987 XP. Level 5 Fighter (Gunslinger).

Items and Aquisitions:

Cursed Helm of Revenge, Oathbow, Supply Transcripts.

35 Opal Fragments. 3 Polished Opals. 2 Golden Goblets. 8 Glass Bottles of Ritual Oil (distributed).

270 sp. 230gp. (Coins mostly bear the likeness of Hylaean Archons of different years).



Need time with (All Current Players): 20/05/17 – 03/06/2017.

Cathrykan - Queen's Solar scenes and meetings with the ladies of the court.

Silifrey – The journey back to Kordova and a chance meeting on the road.

Kosef – A gift for services rendered and yet more work. Plus Bander-update.

Calaith - Lol. Just lol.

Evnarra – A parting conversation with Magretor and Wanderra.

Erro – The efforts in Fletcher's Square.

Lando – The Challenge Proclamation for the Tournament of the Seven Stars.

Melseerauilleonravensthicket - First impressions of the University and some more background.

Derenteriel – Patronage, Servitude and some more background.

Sharah – Acting on information from a cat and some kids?

Gaukin – What happened to the Goliath slaves that he saw Dockside? 

Dwarven Culture, Kordovan Meetings and a Cautionary Tale.
Story Threads - "A Whole New World".

Multiple Days between the 25th and 29th of Flamerule, 472KR.

Stories: Insights into the goings on of some of the off-stage members of the Sunset Wanderers and their associates…

Through the Looking Glass (apologies to LC) – Calaith.

A Section of Calaith Loreweaver's Emergent Story – Beyond the Stars.

"When Downtime becomes a new Adventure."

 Calaith Loreweaver sat at his writing desk in his study-cum-bedroom, his attention raised momentarily from an object beneath the bed to the simple furnishing and blankets themselves. 

"Why was it that Sharah had to have elaborate furnishings, not to mention clothes?" he thought idly, his attention wandering. "Probably women or some-such, not at all the realm of texts and tomes. Or research, now there was a thing," his mind refocusing on the collection of histories and battle lays organised on the surface before him. 

Calaith shuffled the papers carefully, his eye scanning, but his mind already drifting back underneath the bed. "Sod everything. How could a man resist such a mystery?" And he stood, pushing away the simple backed wooden chair, and reaching beneath the bed withdrew his prize. The polished sheen of the vari-coloured inlay still made him caress the top of the strange puzzle box each time he held it. Resins and lacquers applied expertly by the unknown eastern crafts-people responsible for its design made the interlocking and moveable parts of the design seem as one, shifting the eye to individual scenes or the fractured pieces of a larger image.

His fine elven features creased slightly in a smile as he remembered opening the last section of the box only to discover this layer beneath. Sure he was near solving the mystery of the device he'd almost been nicked by the vicious, and cunningly concealed, staple claws that had engaged from either end. A close call, for upon later inspection the minute and razor sharp claws proved to have traces of sticky residue along their hairline edges. Laying the box on the rough linen bedclothes he stood back for a moment, lost in thought, eyes playing over the intricate designs of the object he had been gifted by Dizraxalaikus. 

"Surely the Deep Gnome was not having a jest. He definitely had not seemed the type." Calaith's former good humor dissolved further into a penetrating scrutiny of the box.

And then his keen gaze found what Calaith had previously overlooked. He had looked at the box as an individual set of problems, not a whole. Smiling with the self satisfaction of a scholar nearing the end of his enquiry Calaith lent forward and re-arranged the various moveable parts of the last section of the strange container. The cavity within revealed not a further puzzle, but a mystery all-the-same. Laid upon black velvet, dusty and worn from lack of upkeep, Calaith found a reflection of himself, staring from the frame of  an intricately carved hand-mirror, such as a lady of high estate might possess. 

The Priestess and the Queen – Cathrykan.

A Section from Cathrykan Shintar's Emergent Story – Aspirations of Grandeur.

Finally after a month in this foetid excuse for a city, someone was applying the correct forms to ensure the respect due a royal lady of the ancient House of Shintar. To be marginally fair, (and when considering the Sh'zzr Hvrat this was a 'long-chain'), Cathrykan felt more than a little vindicated. Although her dynasty had fallen upon what lesser-creatures may call 'hard-times' threew…


A Girls Time to Reflect – Silifrey.

A Section from Silifry Dotsk's Emergent Story – Honour Bound.

As the rich incense and intonations of prayer for the Morndinsamman receded, Silifrey's mind drew inward, absorbing the comforting presence of community created by the dwarves throughout the Errudrakenath….

Many Busy Hands – Erro and Friends.

A Section from Erro Moonshadow's Emergent Story – The Darker Path.

Mae o' Fletcher's, or 'Cinder' to her clientele, carefully locked the stout wooden door behind her as she emerged into the cluttered Fletcher's Square from the dim interior of Mistress Cheeva's. Kordova's morning mists had not yet receded and the wisps of remaining moist air clung to the construction equipment, piles of wood and the already busy group of 'clergy' in the shrine compound they had claimed for their own. The dim light and mists gave the entire scene an ethereal and otherworldly appearance, and she started slightly, shivering despite the warmth of the humid summer air.

Duskwood Dilemnas - Expedition C.


The Wasting Time – Evnarra.


In Time for the Tourney? – Lando.

A Section of Lando Calraesa's Emergent Story – Paths to Glory.

"A brief encounter at the Hall of the Sunset."

Trying to use crutches to get around the ancient Hall of the Sunset was starting to annoy Lando after only the passing of one day. He didn't mind the breakfast in bed, courtesy of the Chef, which had eased his throbbing head and given him the necessary steel to try for downstairs. It was the damned flooring in hall that bothered him most, uneven, deeply pitted and now partially obstructed by piles of building materials and tools. His tanned face winced once more as he buffeted his cast left leg on an uneven stair, warped from years of neglect and use. Steadying himself against the balustrade he paused, mind and demeanour sharpening as he heard Silvio's voice, a trifle subdued, definitely a rarity. He was about to complete the journey down the staircase when his pain laden stride stopped in mid-movement as a second unknown voice joined the conversation.

Fire-wine and over-ripe plums. The hot nights around Westgate's harbour in the deep summer. Clotted cream and honey, with a touch of seasonal all-spice. Lando's mind ran to the poetic lines of half-remembered tavern songs as he peered between the top balustrades at the woman holding court over a noticeably rattled Silvio, seated at the table. Dark haired, darkly featured and slightly over-filling the tight leather outfit that accentuated her beauty rather than cheapening her appearance, the woman towered over Silvio, though she must have been but a few inches over five feet. The dejected looking guild leader had shrunk in on himself, nursing an early morning beer and looking like an academy-boy caught truant by the head-master.

"So your wonder-boy is injured, Kennard's away…and you're a tired old letch' who might have trouble drawing, let alone parrying with that blade you insist on desecrating?" laughed the woman, hands on hips, right thumb playing with the hilt of her gilded small-sword.  Her lips pursed in a lush smile, their redness apparent in the candle-light as she tossed back her hair, obviously enjoying the moment. Silvio winced noticeably at the word letch' and twirled his mustachio, a sure sign he was bothered or tense.

"A trifle harsh my dear Bryana. I hope you are not insinuating that I was the sole dancer in our torrid little circle?" he replied with an acidic tone that Lando had not yet heard from the normally good-natured leader of their guild.


Snatching the discarded parchment from the table, Lando propped himself against Silvio's chair and read carefully through its' contents, blood rising and beginning to drum in his ears, the pain and discomfort of his leg forgotten…

The Proclamation.

Be it known to all Kordovans and Visitors to our fair city, that His Royal Majesty, King Ottovar I, doth hereby by ancient custom throw open the Challenge to all worthies that deem themselves free from crime or from treason to attend this year’s Tournament of the Seven Stars, in honour of his house and the impending marriage of his youngest child, Her Royal Highness the Princess Tevalya.

Presented by His most humble servant; Vintan Medura.

For the Delectation of the Viewing Public.

Over Two Glorious Summer Days.

The Crown of Stars – Presented to the premier duellist (noble or common) who wins through the Roster.

Kord’s Right Arm – Presented to the winner of the All-In Melee.

The Golden Quiver – Presented to the winner of the Archery Contest.

Thespian’s Mask – Presented to the preeminent Bardic Performer.

Prizes  for Competitions in; The Gauntlet (Back by Popular Demand),

Knife-Throwing, Shooting, All-In Wrestling and Equestrian Steeple.

Demonstrations of Tumbling, Northern Jousting and the Menagerie.

To mark the engagement of Her Highness a floral tent of Wonders and Whimsy, the likes of which has never been seen.

And for her Groom the presentation of a special event, The Sack of the Highlands, brought to you by the Kordovan Slavers Kollective.

…an opportunity for glory, a chance to have Falcon sing a song of steel in the sunlight as he bested pretenders and peers alike. Lando smirked slightly, letting the page fall back to the table. Now this was what he was meant to do.

The Party - 


Active Characters:


Off Characters:







None. Part of regular background XP from OFF Sessions.


Reality Mirror.

Magretor's Gift.

Throkar Keystone.

Official Deed of Inception / Dedication.


A Royal 'Invitation'
Session 10 - "Hylaean Hi-jinks"

Evening – 24th Flamerule, 472KR, The Pit, Selune's Tear.

Story: After finding themselves at somewhat of a loss to decide in which direction to proceed, our Party stood before the massive doors found beneath Kordova, in the vaulted chamber cut with recesses and niches.

Evnarra - 

Lando – 

Kosef -

Sharah - 

Erro -

The Party -

Geography - Minor Earth tremor felt in and around the Whisperwind hills.


Active Characters:

Evnarra, Erro

Off Characters:












The Temple Complex of Thalandraea
Session 9 - "An Animated Discussion"

Early Afternoon 24th Flamerule 472 KR, Beneath Kordova.

Story: Gaukin and Lando sat, legs dangling over the ridge of broken steps, sharing a quick repast of dried meat and fruit, hard cheese and solid, stodgy biscuit. Their small lantern and its warming glow illuminating the ancient tower, its smashed steps, gaping rents and half-melted rock a mad, twisted thing in the half light as it stretched toward the cavern roof. They spoke in hushed low tones, flinching every now and again at the continued noise from the small tower room above them. Heavens only knew where Kosef had taken himself off to, but anywhere had to be better than listening to the increasingly arch 'conversation' between Cathrykan and Calaith that was audible even four levels below. Sometimes Gaukin wished he could just make everybody relax and take a moment to enjoy life. He and Lando were getting along just fine, even if the Dragonmere swordsman was more interested in wine than in food.

Gaukin reached down again for another dried plum, chewing reflectively as the two clear voices became a little strained. They were discussing money, or was it contributions? He couldn't really get it completely straight in his head. And lies. Gaukin didn't really understand lies. 'Flatlander's seemed to need to tell so many of the things. Who you were. Who you liked. Why you did things. At home there wasn't much call for 'forked-speech', where it was you, your tribe and the elements, a constant struggle for supremacy over nature. Only Shamans spoke with 'forked-tounges', the language of serpents, but they said it was to protect the tribe… and anyway no self respecting Goliath would listen to a Shaman over the evidence of his (or her) own eyes and ears, the voices of the wind and the story of the earth.

Was that a rat? Out in the darkness. There… again, another shape at the edge of the lantern light. Lando had stood sharply and Gaukin had the unique perspective of looking up at a companion for once as he stood quivering, Falcon already drawn peering out into the darkness. Gaukin followed his gaze, and the flickers of shadow rendered into figures as his eyes adjusted to the fainter light beyond the immediate glow of their lantern. There were figures there, moving at the edges of the pool of light. Lando tossed his eating blade, a small crude knife, to the edge of the shadow and the figures receded into the darkness again, before returning like a strange shadowy tide repelled by movement or noise. 

"Probably just those Grey Shamblers again", whispered Lando, Falcon still extended before him and eyes darting left and right.

Gaukin mouthed an agreement, trying to breathe the words rather than speak.

"Hold on," thought the young Goliath. "If they were hungry before, they might still be hungry now. I think I can solve this problem…." and he smiled happily, reaching down for the end of a thick skinned sausage, laden with garlic. 

Throwing the sausage to the edge of the lantern-light, Gaukin watched as one of the grey skinned creatures that Calaith had called Grimlocks moved forward, its eyeless sockets fixed on the sausage as it snuffled its way forward. The creature grabbed the meat, noisily devouring it in a matter of seconds before retreating into the darkness again. Gaukin glanced up at Lando and shrugged, opening his mouth to say something. Before he could utter what was probably a request for further food a surge of movement from all about their small area of light erupted inwards. A veritable horde of saggy-skinned, clawed horrors pounced as if one, rushing upward toward Gaukin and Lando, clawing over the rough ground and each other to rush the two companions atop the stair.

"Hey. You two, stop with the… the talking… there's, there's grey-things down here!!" yelled Gaukin as Lando edged forward and Kosef melted soundlessly out of the shadows of the first floor, jumping down beside them with his thin blade already drawn.


Cathrykan -

Calaith -

Gaukin -

Lando -

The Party -

Active Characters:

Calaith Loreweaver, Gaukin Lumberbearer Katho-Kakane, Lando Calraesa (Both Sessions).

Kosef Mara (1st Session).

Cathrykan Shintar (2nd Session).

Off Characters:

Erro Moonshadow, Evnarra Rockcutter, Sharah Bloodcast, Silifrey Dotsk.


Treava, Acolyte of Pain.




1875 XP for each 2 session ACTIVE CHARACTER.

1304 XP for 1st session ACTIVE CHARACTER (Kosef).

1739 XP for 2nd session ACTIVE CHARACTER (Cathrykan).

1218 XP for each OFF CHARACTER.


Zannthiriisis, Summoning Staff.

Robe of Useful Items – 7 additional patches.

Green & Gold Spellbook.

2 Ancient Bronze Statues – Inscriptions.

Alchemists Equipment and Dry Supplies (Enough to cobble together 2 Alchemical Kits).

84gp in ancient denominations.

Clay Statuette – gifted by the 'lost-duergar'.

Underdark Trade Tokens  – gifted by the 'lost-duergar'.

Pouch of Diamond Dust (Cathrykan - unnoticed by Party).


A First Hand Account of the Ash Wars – by Gorgora, Companion of His Majesty King Kord the Preserver.

The Founding of Selune's Tear and the Monastery of Her Starry Gaze – by Record Keeper Malor Noevra.

Damaged Diary – of Anthalanos, Arch-Wizard of The Spyre.

Damaged Mystic Tomes – 3 Severely damaged books from The Spyre, the tower of wizardry in ancient Thalandraea.



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