The Destiny of Kord

Catching up on the Story
Sessions 12 - 15 "GM is busy with life"

Convalescence and 'Unwelcome' Attentions.


What Happened to Calaith?


The Attack on the Hall of the Sunset:

All. Plus Expedition C.

Hylaea Parts II & III.

All – Split.

Cementing Street Cred
Catch-Up Vignette 3 - "Life in the Warrens"

Afternoon -



Active Characters:

Erro Moonshadow and Sharah Bloodcast.

Off Characters:






The Height of Summer
Session 11 - "Closer to Home"

Afternoon, 26th Flamerule, 472KR, Supplicants Circle, University District, Kordova.

Story: In the deepening gloom of Kordova's late summer evening a disparate pair made their way amidst the bustle and revels along the stinking length of the Grand Canal in search of the bridge that would take them into her southern stews. The ancient city's fine cobbling and impressive architecture giving way to the newer, more earthy constructions and markets as they passed through the rich smells and sounds of the canal-side shopping district.

"Meera" – A Gnomish Factotum from the outlying dales of Cormyr, close to where they merge with the Dalelands proper. Played by nickleby84.

Derenteriel – An Elvish Warlock of uncertain origins pursuing an inscrutable line of enquiry. Played by InsightfulgamR.

Night, 26th Flamerule, 472KR, Hall of the Sunset, Westgate District, Kordova.


Evnarra - Has recieved a message from Magretor to meet her at the Lion's Head Inn on the fringes of Bel-Sydana tomorrow. It seems the venerable Svirfneblin may have a lead on a reagent or base for their Healing Potion and wishes to talk to her before heading in search of the ingredient.

Lando – Observed an interesting meeting between Silvio and an attractive Kordovan woman in her thirties, before making his painful way (on the morning of the 27th) to the Shady Lane Hospice in Lavrana, close by the Temple of the Fortunate Coin. Here he hopes to convalesce and regain the use of his broken leg with better palliative care than would be available from the Chef or Arantes.

Kosef – Absents himself from the group during their walk back from the Legion District, melting into the shadows and tangles of the Warrens, headed for points unknown within the bowels of the Kordovan slums.

Erro – Manages to get a few words in edgewise at the Hall of the Sunset, despite considerable confusion and the arrival of two late night visitors. Not particularly concerned with events and keen to visit his charges in Fletcher's Square, the elvish monk departs after a brief repast in search of his deputy, Pina Muteheart.

Calaith – Is Absent (capital letter intended). See previous Adventure Log and above for details on the guilder's reactions and some insight into the predicament, that it must be said, Calaith dropped himself into.

Morning, 27th Flamerule, 472KR, Miner's Trail, Whisperwind Hills near Kordova's North Eastern Farms.


Gaukin – Displays loyalty over caution yet again when (concerned for Sharah, disguised and alone with a cultist), the young Goliath creeps forward despite his companions hissed 'no's' just to check if his friend was all-right. Fortunately his clunky stride and large size did not quite give the game away at this point, the cultist being more concerned with the opportunity to pray with the disguised Sharah over the 'sacred-resting-place-of-the-Chosen-One'.

Cathrykan - Is in fine form and high fettle. Mispronouncing names (possible deliberate), being generally dismissive and abrasive (definitely deliberate) and taking any opportunity to needle or provoke her travelling companions.  Her cruel execution (again via spectral choking) of a cultist (posing as a villager) and obsession with pain again coming to the fore. Surprisingly, apart from a few barbs back and forth, she is yet to really have a confrontation with Sir Andario, the new Wanderer who is obviously a devotee of Helm.

"Meera" – Mentally and then verbally questions the new company she finds herself in. With few reference points as to 'who-is-who-in-the-zoo' the foreign gnome finds some of the Wanderers methods a little confusing and more than a trifle brutal. Finally distracted by a shiny set of magical items and a puzzle to solve, Meera can be forgiven for forgetting to check the ornate helm properly, only finding out some few seconds later that not only could she not remove the helmet, but that it compelled her with a terrible voice in the depths her mind the urge to revenge herself on any who would strike at her.

Derenteriel – Is found to be a polite, if somewhat secretive elf, with a low even voice and careful mannerisms. Less concerned with the deaths of the disguised cult members than the other non-guilder Meera. His attempts to be alone with the Party's two prisoners went unnoticed by all except Andario and it is as yet unclear whether the first prisoner actually dodged a far worse fate than that 'given' to him by Cathrykan. What is certain is that Derenteriel's chilling whisper to the corpse was heard only by himself, the dead man and the wind. 

Sharah – Turns her hand again at disguise and makes a performance of her stealthy activities. With robes, accouterments and a quick 'accent' performance for Iviir and N'donnrik which bought the Party some valuable time, Sharah has set her feet firmly on the path to Bardic knowledge, augmenting her already considerable covert abilities with the testing of new cantrips and invocations to assist her friends and confound her enemies.

Active Characters:

Cathrykan Shintar, Derenteriel Eanderel, Gaukin Lumberbearer Katho-Kakane, Melseerauilleonravensthicket, Sharah Bloodcast.

Off Characters:

Calaith Absent Somewhere, Lando 18 Day Convalescence, Silifrey Travelling from Sherra to Kordova, Evnarra Hall of the Sunset, Erro at the house called Derneal's Rest in Fletcher's Square, Kosef Absent within Kordova.



N'donnrik, Lady Mersault, Iviir the Red, Nefario, Hokkar.


Stone of Ash: (Final Emergence Point).

Marran: (Disused Mining Town & Works).

Tomb of the Abhorred: (Ancient proto-Thalasian tomb, 'disturbed').

New Rumours: (Links to Follow in Wiki).

Fiery Torsch?: (A Town that keeps 'cropping-up').

From the chance meeting with Quailyth, to cult priests and unidentified 'groups-from-Torsch', this moderately sized town on Kordia's Eastern border is beginning to emerge onto the horizon of the Wanderers vision in a less than pleasant way. As yet no pressing issues have been discovered in the area, although the Brothers of Ash and Flame definitely draw many of their recruits from that region. Sharah has consistently heard, and even impersonated, the Torschan accent peculiar to those towns and villages on the plain to the North-East of the Whisperwind Hills. 

A Noble Conspiracy?: (Are the Hermetta's involved with the Brothers of Ash and Flame? And if so, does the conspiracy go further?).



The Hylaean Navy and Wildfire: (Is the City-state supporting the Derluskan Separatists and gearing for war?).

With the  Head of the Hylaean Alchemists Guild now 'identified' (see previous Adventure Log), and an accord of ideas struck, boundaries defined and royalty informed it now lies in the hands of a disturbed King Ottovar to make the next political move in the circle. Unfortunately he does not possess the intimate knowledge of the Alchemists Guild, it's leader and his identity in the city of Kordova itself, so his decisions may be made based on his fears and set-backs in Derlusk, rather than educated sense.


1119 XP for each ACTIVE Character.

727 XP for each OFF Character.

Just to make sure we're all up to date (after some Obsidian and Character Sheet Problems) I'll put up the totals from the Master Sheet:

Calaith – 7384 XP. Level 5 Sorcerer 4 / Warlock 1 (Wild Magic).

Cathrykan - 6852 XP. Level 5 Cleric (Death Domain).

Derenteriel - 7362 XP. Level 5 Warlock (Blood Patron).

Erro – 7328 XP. Level 5 Monk (Way of the Open Hand).

Evnarra – 6848 XP. Level 5 Wizard (Illusionist).

Gaukin – 7820 XP. Level 5 Fighter (Champion).

Kosef – 6586 XP. Level 5 Rogue (Ghost Faced Killer).

Lando – 8280 XP. Level 5 Rogue (Swashbuckler).

Meera – 7362 XP. Lv. 5 Factotum (Adventurer Extraordinaire).

Sharah – 7903 XP. Level 5 Rogue 4 / Bard 1 (Mastermind).

Silifrey – 6987 XP. Level 5 Fighter (Gunslinger).

Items and Aquisitions:

Cursed Helm of Revenge, Oathbow, Supply Transcripts.

35 Opal Fragments. 3 Polished Opals. 2 Golden Goblets. 8 Glass Bottles of Ritual Oil (distributed).

270 sp. 230gp. (Coins mostly bear the likeness of Hylaean Archons of different years).



Need time with (All Current Players): 20/05/17 – 03/06/2017.

Cathrykan - Queen's Solar scenes and meetings with the ladies of the court.

Silifrey – The journey back to Kordova and a chance meeting on the road.

Kosef – A gift for services rendered and yet more work. Plus Bander-update.

Calaith - Lol. Just lol.

Evnarra – A parting conversation with Magretor and Wanderra.

Erro – The efforts in Fletcher's Square.

Lando – The Challenge Proclamation for the Tournament of the Seven Stars.

Melseerauilleonravensthicket - First impressions of the University and some more background.

Derenteriel – Patronage, Servitude and some more background.

Sharah – Acting on information from a cat and some kids?

Gaukin – What happened to the Goliath slaves that he saw Dockside? 

Dwarven Culture, Kordovan Meetings and a Cautionary Tale.
Story Threads - "A Whole New World".

Multiple Days between the 25th and 29th of Flamerule, 472KR.

Stories: Insights into the goings on of some of the off-stage members of the Sunset Wanderers and their associates…

Through the Looking Glass (apologies to LC) – Calaith.

A Section of Calaith Loreweaver's Emergent Story – Beyond the Stars.

"When Downtime becomes a new Adventure."

 Calaith Loreweaver sat at his writing desk in his study-cum-bedroom, his attention raised momentarily from an object beneath the bed to the simple furnishing and blankets themselves. 

"Why was it that Sharah had to have elaborate furnishings, not to mention clothes?" he thought idly, his attention wandering. "Probably women or some-such, not at all the realm of texts and tomes. Or research, now there was a thing," his mind refocusing on the collection of histories and battle lays organised on the surface before him. 

Calaith shuffled the papers carefully, his eye scanning, but his mind already drifting back underneath the bed. "Sod everything. How could a man resist such a mystery?" And he stood, pushing away the simple backed wooden chair, and reaching beneath the bed withdrew his prize. The polished sheen of the vari-coloured inlay still made him caress the top of the strange puzzle box each time he held it. Resins and lacquers applied expertly by the unknown eastern crafts-people responsible for its design made the interlocking and moveable parts of the design seem as one, shifting the eye to individual scenes or the fractured pieces of a larger image.

His fine elven features creased slightly in a smile as he remembered opening the last section of the box only to discover this layer beneath. Sure he was near solving the mystery of the device he'd almost been nicked by the vicious, and cunningly concealed, staple claws that had engaged from either end. A close call, for upon later inspection the minute and razor sharp claws proved to have traces of sticky residue along their hairline edges. Laying the box on the rough linen bedclothes he stood back for a moment, lost in thought, eyes playing over the intricate designs of the object he had been gifted by Dizraxalaikus. 

"Surely the Deep Gnome was not having a jest. He definitely had not seemed the type." Calaith's former good humor dissolved further into a penetrating scrutiny of the box.

And then his keen gaze found what Calaith had previously overlooked. He had looked at the box as an individual set of problems, not a whole. Smiling with the self satisfaction of a scholar nearing the end of his enquiry Calaith lent forward and re-arranged the various moveable parts of the last section of the strange container. The cavity within revealed not a further puzzle, but a mystery all-the-same. Laid upon black velvet, dusty and worn from lack of upkeep, Calaith found a reflection of himself, staring from the frame of  an intricately carved hand-mirror, such as a lady of high estate might possess. 

The Priestess and the Queen – Cathrykan.

A Section from Cathrykan Shintar's Emergent Story – Aspirations of Grandeur.

Finally after a month in this foetid excuse for a city, someone was applying the correct forms to ensure the respect due a royal lady of the ancient House of Shintar. To be marginally fair, (and when considering the Sh'zzr Hvrat this was a 'long-chain'), Cathrykan felt more than a little vindicated. Although her dynasty had fallen upon what lesser-creatures may call 'hard-times' threew…


A Girls Time to Reflect – Silifrey.

A Section from Silifry Dotsk's Emergent Story – Honour Bound.

As the rich incense and intonations of prayer for the Morndinsamman receded, Silifrey's mind drew inward, absorbing the comforting presence of community created by the dwarves throughout the Errudrakenath….

Many Busy Hands – Erro and Friends.

A Section from Erro Moonshadow's Emergent Story – The Darker Path.

Mae o' Fletcher's, or 'Cinder' to her clientele, carefully locked the stout wooden door behind her as she emerged into the cluttered Fletcher's Square from the dim interior of Mistress Cheeva's. Kordova's morning mists had not yet receded and the wisps of remaining moist air clung to the construction equipment, piles of wood and the already busy group of 'clergy' in the shrine compound they had claimed for their own. The dim light and mists gave the entire scene an ethereal and otherworldly appearance, and she started slightly, shivering despite the warmth of the humid summer air.

Duskwood Dilemnas - Expedition C.


The Wasting Time – Evnarra.


In Time for the Tourney? – Lando.

A Section of Lando Calraesa's Emergent Story – Paths to Glory.

"A brief encounter at the Hall of the Sunset."

Trying to use crutches to get around the ancient Hall of the Sunset was starting to annoy Lando after only the passing of one day. He didn't mind the breakfast in bed, courtesy of the Chef, which had eased his throbbing head and given him the necessary steel to try for downstairs. It was the damned flooring in hall that bothered him most, uneven, deeply pitted and now partially obstructed by piles of building materials and tools. His tanned face winced once more as he buffeted his cast left leg on an uneven stair, warped from years of neglect and use. Steadying himself against the balustrade he paused, mind and demeanour sharpening as he heard Silvio's voice, a trifle subdued, definitely a rarity. He was about to complete the journey down the staircase when his pain laden stride stopped in mid-movement as a second unknown voice joined the conversation.

Fire-wine and over-ripe plums. The hot nights around Westgate's harbour in the deep summer. Clotted cream and honey, with a touch of seasonal all-spice. Lando's mind ran to the poetic lines of half-remembered tavern songs as he peered between the top balustrades at the woman holding court over a noticeably rattled Silvio, seated at the table. Dark haired, darkly featured and slightly over-filling the tight leather outfit that accentuated her beauty rather than cheapening her appearance, the woman towered over Silvio, though she must have been but a few inches over five feet. The dejected looking guild leader had shrunk in on himself, nursing an early morning beer and looking like an academy-boy caught truant by the head-master.

"So your wonder-boy is injured, Kennard's away…and you're a tired old letch' who might have trouble drawing, let alone parrying with that blade you insist on desecrating?" laughed the woman, hands on hips, right thumb playing with the hilt of her gilded small-sword.  Her lips pursed in a lush smile, their redness apparent in the candle-light as she tossed back her hair, obviously enjoying the moment. Silvio winced noticeably at the word letch' and twirled his mustachio, a sure sign he was bothered or tense.

"A trifle harsh my dear Bryana. I hope you are not insinuating that I was the sole dancer in our torrid little circle?" he replied with an acidic tone that Lando had not yet heard from the normally good-natured leader of their guild.


Snatching the discarded parchment from the table, Lando propped himself against Silvio's chair and read carefully through its' contents, blood rising and beginning to drum in his ears, the pain and discomfort of his leg forgotten…

The Proclamation.

Be it known to all Kordovans and Visitors to our fair city, that His Royal Majesty, King Ottovar I, doth hereby by ancient custom throw open the Challenge to all worthies that deem themselves free from crime or from treason to attend this year’s Tournament of the Seven Stars, in honour of his house and the impending marriage of his youngest child, Her Royal Highness the Princess Tevalya.

Presented by His most humble servant; Vintan Medura.

For the Delectation of the Viewing Public.

Over Two Glorious Summer Days.

The Crown of Stars – Presented to the premier duellist (noble or common) who wins through the Roster.

Kord’s Right Arm – Presented to the winner of the All-In Melee.

The Golden Quiver – Presented to the winner of the Archery Contest.

Thespian’s Mask – Presented to the preeminent Bardic Performer.

Prizes  for Competitions in; The Gauntlet (Back by Popular Demand),

Knife-Throwing, Shooting, All-In Wrestling and Equestrian Steeple.

Demonstrations of Tumbling, Northern Jousting and the Menagerie.

To mark the engagement of Her Highness a floral tent of Wonders and Whimsy, the likes of which has never been seen.

And for her Groom the presentation of a special event, The Sack of the Highlands, brought to you by the Kordovan Slavers Kollective.

…an opportunity for glory, a chance to have Falcon sing a song of steel in the sunlight as he bested pretenders and peers alike. Lando smirked slightly, letting the page fall back to the table. Now this was what he was meant to do.

The Party - 


Active Characters:


Off Characters:







None. Part of regular background XP from OFF Sessions.


Reality Mirror.

Magretor's Gift.

Throkar Keystone.

Official Deed of Inception / Dedication.


A Royal 'Invitation'
Session 10 - "Hylaean Hi-jinks"

Evening – 24th Flamerule, 472KR, The Pit, Selune's Tear.

Story: After finding themselves at somewhat of a loss to decide in which direction to proceed, our Party stood before the massive doors found beneath Kordova, in the vaulted chamber cut with recesses and niches.

Evnarra - 

Lando – 

Kosef -

Sharah - 

Erro -

The Party -

Geography - Minor Earth tremor felt in and around the Whisperwind hills.


Active Characters:

Evnarra, Erro

Off Characters:












The Temple Complex of Thalandraea
Session 9 - "An Animated Discussion"

Early Afternoon 24th Flamerule 472 KR, Beneath Kordova.

Story: Gaukin and Lando sat, legs dangling over the ridge of broken steps, sharing a quick repast of dried meat and fruit, hard cheese and solid, stodgy biscuit. Their small lantern and its warming glow illuminating the ancient tower, its smashed steps, gaping rents and half-melted rock a mad, twisted thing in the half light as it stretched toward the cavern roof. They spoke in hushed low tones, flinching every now and again at the continued noise from the small tower room above them. Heavens only knew where Kosef had taken himself off to, but anywhere had to be better than listening to the increasingly arch 'conversation' between Cathrykan and Calaith that was audible even four levels below. Sometimes Gaukin wished he could just make everybody relax and take a moment to enjoy life. He and Lando were getting along just fine, even if the Dragonmere swordsman was more interested in wine than in food.

Gaukin reached down again for another dried plum, chewing reflectively as the two clear voices became a little strained. They were discussing money, or was it contributions? He couldn't really get it completely straight in his head. And lies. Gaukin didn't really understand lies. 'Flatlander's seemed to need to tell so many of the things. Who you were. Who you liked. Why you did things. At home there wasn't much call for 'forked-speech', where it was you, your tribe and the elements, a constant struggle for supremacy over nature. Only Shamans spoke with 'forked-tounges', the language of serpents, but they said it was to protect the tribe… and anyway no self respecting Goliath would listen to a Shaman over the evidence of his (or her) own eyes and ears, the voices of the wind and the story of the earth.

Was that a rat? Out in the darkness. There… again, another shape at the edge of the lantern light. Lando had stood sharply and Gaukin had the unique perspective of looking up at a companion for once as he stood quivering, Falcon already drawn peering out into the darkness. Gaukin followed his gaze, and the flickers of shadow rendered into figures as his eyes adjusted to the fainter light beyond the immediate glow of their lantern. There were figures there, moving at the edges of the pool of light. Lando tossed his eating blade, a small crude knife, to the edge of the shadow and the figures receded into the darkness again, before returning like a strange shadowy tide repelled by movement or noise. 

"Probably just those Grey Shamblers again", whispered Lando, Falcon still extended before him and eyes darting left and right.

Gaukin mouthed an agreement, trying to breathe the words rather than speak.

"Hold on," thought the young Goliath. "If they were hungry before, they might still be hungry now. I think I can solve this problem…." and he smiled happily, reaching down for the end of a thick skinned sausage, laden with garlic. 

Throwing the sausage to the edge of the lantern-light, Gaukin watched as one of the grey skinned creatures that Calaith had called Grimlocks moved forward, its eyeless sockets fixed on the sausage as it snuffled its way forward. The creature grabbed the meat, noisily devouring it in a matter of seconds before retreating into the darkness again. Gaukin glanced up at Lando and shrugged, opening his mouth to say something. Before he could utter what was probably a request for further food a surge of movement from all about their small area of light erupted inwards. A veritable horde of saggy-skinned, clawed horrors pounced as if one, rushing upward toward Gaukin and Lando, clawing over the rough ground and each other to rush the two companions atop the stair.

"Hey. You two, stop with the… the talking… there's, there's grey-things down here!!" yelled Gaukin as Lando edged forward and Kosef melted soundlessly out of the shadows of the first floor, jumping down beside them with his thin blade already drawn.


Cathrykan -

Calaith -

Gaukin -

Lando -

The Party -

Active Characters:

Calaith Loreweaver, Gaukin Lumberbearer Katho-Kakane, Lando Calraesa (Both Sessions).

Kosef Mara (1st Session).

Cathrykan Shintar (2nd Session).

Off Characters:

Erro Moonshadow, Evnarra Rockcutter, Sharah Bloodcast, Silifrey Dotsk.


Treava, Acolyte of Pain.




1875 XP for each 2 session ACTIVE CHARACTER.

1304 XP for 1st session ACTIVE CHARACTER (Kosef).

1739 XP for 2nd session ACTIVE CHARACTER (Cathrykan).

1218 XP for each OFF CHARACTER.


Zannthiriisis, Summoning Staff.

Robe of Useful Items – 7 additional patches.

Green & Gold Spellbook.

2 Ancient Bronze Statues – Inscriptions.

Alchemists Equipment and Dry Supplies (Enough to cobble together 2 Alchemical Kits).

84gp in ancient denominations.

Clay Statuette – gifted by the 'lost-duergar'.

Underdark Trade Tokens  – gifted by the 'lost-duergar'.

Pouch of Diamond Dust (Cathrykan - unnoticed by Party).


A First Hand Account of the Ash Wars – by Gorgora, Companion of His Majesty King Kord the Preserver.

The Founding of Selune's Tear and the Monastery of Her Starry Gaze – by Record Keeper Malor Noevra.

Damaged Diary – of Anthalanos, Arch-Wizard of The Spyre.

Damaged Mystic Tomes – 3 Severely damaged books from The Spyre, the tower of wizardry in ancient Thalandraea.


A Return to Kordova
Session 8 - "Awkward City is Awkward"

Evening - 23rd Flamerule, 472KR, Hall of the Sunset, Westgate District.

"An extraordinary thing friendship, a place to belong. It can be a sinecure or a crutch, it can be both good times and bad. And sometimes you just need someone to trust. Whatever the motivation, it was a trust in others that led Kosef Mara to his decision and subsequent actions one night during midsummer at the Hall of the Sunset."

GM Notes (Roleplaying "Guidelines") – 4th Wall Time.

"OK. So I think we're all far enough along now (Thanks to 'Manchild') that this can be said openly. I am very relieved personally as I can now back-date Logs and stories and not have to constantly write with a wholly ambiguous bent… Drumroll…


Currently as I write this there are a number of Sunset Wanderers aware of the situation (and its implications) and a number of Sunset Wanderers who are not. For guideline purposes so that we all remember when we're 'in-the-heat-of-the-moment' here is a list of people who do and don't.

Know: Silvio, Arantes (via Silvio), the Chef, Gaukin, Evnarra, Lando, Erro, Sharah and Calaith. Also the BANDERHOBB.

Do Not Know:  Cathrykan, Silifrey, Andario, Kenjii, Flick, Kennard, Arkaela, Kithri, Istvann, Meera, Derenteriel and Rhoskhobar.

Possibly: Hugin and Munin (the bats). Urs (the bear). Somnelos (the black cat).

So apologies for briefly jumping the wall, however I thought this might help all of us keep it straight in our heads. It's bad enough now knowing that some of our NPC's may not exist or actually be different people on different days. It makes my teeth ache, well done Manchild, this is fun!!!"


Evnarra - 

Lando – 

Kosef -

Sharah - 

The Party -

Active Characters:


Off Characters:











Fairs, Feasts and Being Feted
Interlude 2 - "A Visit to the Trade Fair"

17th & 19th-24th Flamerule, 472KR, Various Locations.

Downtime Story: Arranged as a roughly chronological account of the minor events that can lead to greater upheavals and adventures.

A Clandestine Meeting.

Night of the 17th of Flamerule, 472KR, Dockside District, Kordova.

Vim Nander of the Twists is a man that many claim should be working permanently on Actors Row. A 

Delivered Goods.

Night of the 19th Flamerule, 472KR, Warrens District, Kordova.

Old Feldohan, or so he was know to the locals, hummed his way happily about his small, modestly furnished home in the depths of the Warrens…

'Family Matters'.

Midnight 20th Flamerule, 472KR, Beneath Kordova.

"If the walls of one of the most secret office rooms in Kordova could talk… well, they'd probably be silenced swiftly by a blade or dart."

However, in the interests of conjecture, picture a room lit by fine-beeswax candles, immaculate woodwork and neatly arrayed scrolls in wooden 'pigeon-holes'. Picture the urbane, yet dangerous looking man seated behind the polished mahogany desk, rubbing his jaw as he looks across at his subordinates. An immensely fat, pale human with a twisted madness in his eyes. A southerner, lean and hardened by outdoor travel. The looming presence of a huge Chultan with shaven head and scars white against his rich black skin. The slightly built woman, deep eyes glossy black and her hair arranged artfully around her onyx horns laden with jewellery and totems.

Slightly apart we would recall seeing (if we survived the clandestine observance) a young half-elven lass, all black leather and cascading red hair. And beyond, as if an afterthought to the room, though watching everything with an emotionless gaze, a nondescript Kordovan man of youngish years but calm demeanour.

Imagine if you will, the instructions from the 'Father' to his 'Children', the exchange of briefs and the updating of finished contracts, signed red with blood. Perhaps you can hear the directions to increase training protocols for the 'Fingers', an enquiry into exotic poisons of the curiously attired Tiefling, or the curt instructions to the young Kordovan man present to move his timetable for a certain job forward.

"Such things we would have seen and heard, if the walls of this place of dealing and death were alive and not silent solid stone."

The Festival of the Red Sisters.

Day of the 20th Flamerule, 472KR, Bel-Sydana District, Kordova.

Sun streaming down on the sacred enclosure…

A New Parish.

Morning 21st Flamerule, 472KR, village of Salva.

Salva is a large village attached to the estates of the Family of the same name, the Salva's of current favour in court and conclave….

The Unlamented Demise of Toldrin Medar.

Mid-Morning 21st Flamerule, 472KR, Altana District, Kordova.

Toldrin Medar was a fat man, with a fat mans appetites. His primary

Intellectual Connections.

Day of the 21st of Flamerule, 472KR, University and Carmino Districts, Kordova.

The Sorores Scientia et Magia were formed…

Strange Tunnels.

Night of the 22nd Flamerule, 472KR, Water Gardens District, Kordova.

During the course of one of the Sunset Wanderers more frenetic evenings (Adventure Log – The Rumble in the Square) they discovered a network of small tunnels beneath the Warrens, Twists and Water Gardens Districts, used by criminals, the indigent and other denizens of Kordova's underbelly as refuges and swift unnoticed transit across the southern part of the city. One of these had been concealed by a weak illusion spell, and now with some downtime to explore the city fully Calaith resolved to discover the secrets of the network. This first involved a trip Dockside into seamy barge-man and dock-worker establishments in search of a 'knowledgeable gnome'. After finding his mark and enjoying the diverse sights, and smells, of the Dockside area he returned to the guildhall with a plan that was only short one element; the presence of some solid backup in case of unexpected problems.

Dinner and a Show.

Late Afternoon, 24th Flamerule 472KR, Circus District, Kordova.

Reverse the order and that is how we left Sharah Bloodcast, headed to the Twisted Ring to take in the sights and marvels of the permanent circus run by the fantastically attired and strangely spoken Mallan Bolg, known to all as the Ringmaster. 


The Circus, the Trade Fair and the Guildhall.

16th Flamerule Onwards, The Circus District, Kordova.

Additionally much of the activity of the Sunset Wanderers revolved around the exploration and integration into their still fresh environment. Only Kosef, local of the city as he is, paid seemingly little attention to the…

Downtime Features:

Calaith – Returns from an extended excursion with Gaukin in tow, bearing a strange wooden box, inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl and intricately carved. It is large enough that the young elf carries it with some effort, and appears to be made of many different woods.

Cathrykan – Inspects her future 'parish' in Salva, incidentally the site of her first religious observances in the Kordovan region. Her recent elevation to nascent-Mother of a small church and exotic background earn her a seat within hailing distance of the Royal party at the Festival of the Red Sisters. 

Gaukin - 

Kosef -

Sunset Wanderers - Increase in numbers yet again, with the arrival of a young Paladin of Helm. Describing himself as a Wandering Knight,  Andario is a competent looking young man, with closed cropped hair and a lean hawkish face. Deeply tanned from travels under the sun he has offered his services in exchange for a place to stay, companionship and guild-privileges. (RP to Follow for Intro.)

Expedition B - Upon rising early on the 22nd of Flamerule in Sherra, Sharah discovered the following note addressed to the Party, Gone into the Moonshadow. Erro was nowhere to be seen. Shortly afterwards they were interrupted by Silifrey, who had completed her observances at Erruggarr's Shrine and caught up with them on the Palfrey that Cathrykan had previously lent to Erro. 

Downtime Characters:

Calaith Loreweaver, Cathrykan Shintar, Gaukin Lumberbearer, Kosef Mara.


Ruath'ana Nua, Winch Winder Ratchet.


*(21st of Flamerule) A small section of the area surrounding the High House of the Morning in Altana District has been fenced off by the Iron Fist pending an investigation. It appears that a high ranking functionary (The High Dawn Greeter's Bath Attendant) has died inside an adjacent complex under somewhat suspicious circumstances. Soldiers of the Legion have been posted and three members of the Iron Fist have already been seen in the vicinity. 


0 - ACTIVE CHARACTERS (None – See Previous Log for time-overlap).

923 - OFF CHARACTERS (Concurrent with Previous Log, do not add twice!)

Story Goal Revealed:

Refitting the Hall Part 2 Initiated.


Eastern Puzzle Box.


None. Next Session – Sherra to Kordova (21st Onwards) & Trade Fair (20 – 23rd Flamerule Onwards).


500pp + 1069gp + 690sp + 144cp = 6,152.4 GP.

6 Fire Agates (60gp), 4 Bales High Quality Cloth (100gp), 8 Sunstones (74gp), 34 Inferior Topazs (1912gp), 4 Uncut Tourmalines (85gp). (Note – Evnarra's alterations upwards for two prices, also, cloth prices still low in Kordia). = 1997 GP.

Total – 8149.4 – Less Tithe – 7334.46.

Divided Evenly (9) – 814.94 GP for each Player Character.

Miscellaneous / Unclaimed Items:

1 Undamaged Flawless Ruby (6,650gp) – Perhaps for Enchanting?

Hammer of the Forge – large Warhammer from Hyradraea.

Tattered Red Scroll Case.

2 Common Healing Potions

Suit of Sturdy Magical Studded Leather Armour (+ 1 AC).

Smiths Hammer, 2 x Ritual Knife, 1 x Chainmail, Cult Flag.

The Abundance of Sherra
Session 7 - "Forget Me Not"

Early Morning - 21st Flamerule, 472KR, Firesteap Mountains, Erruggar's Shrine.

Story: Expedition B had finally managed to traverse the short but difficult path back from the entrance to the Trogdolyte Caverns (Hyradraea's current "back-door") and returned on the night of the 20th to Errudrakkennath, Erruggar's Shrine to the Morndinsamman. A sombre mood greeted our Party as the dwarves laid the broken body of Thorfan Inkpen upon a richly decorated bier before the shrine of Moradin in the chapel's central fane. The dwarves present gave up remembrances, uttered in low tones, to the gods of the world's bones, sending Thorfan on his journey to their glittering halls with formulaic tales of his life.

Not all could have known the dwarf so well, or so long, but the ritualistic words of return and finality gave a hallowed air to the chamber that affected at first Silifrey (no doubt remembering her mentor and friend, Tornar) and then most of our band of companions. Candles and sticks of pungent incense were reverently lit before the dwarf's corpse, resting atop perfumed cloth and wood, and the more lengthy portion of dwarven funeral took over the room. It was during this time, when the more private dwarven rituals began, that the Party drew off towards the furthermost corner of the main fane seeking out their fellow outsiders, Quailyth and Barro.

Erro, being least affected by the sad turn of events, engaged Barro in a coversation that attempted to take in the merchant’s history and knowledge of the local area. Whilst forthcoming on his (supposed) wide-spread knowledge and travels, Barro was reticent to discuss details of the closest trade-appropriate community, Sherra. Suspicion amongst the Party grew with the numbers of their ranks as gradually the merchant, Quailyth and a dwarven observer became the subjects of detailed questioning by our heroes.

This resulted in a hasty decision to finally penetrate the walls of Sherra, leaving Silifrey to observe proprieties and ‘socialise’ with some of their new acquaintances at the shrine. Following the muscled form of Erro, and the somewhat comical forms of Barro and his mules, the remainder of ‘Expedition B’ ventured north and dwon through the Fire-Steap Foothills toward the lush and more than slightly fetid fields surrounding Sherra. Assuring the Party that he would be well-received, and yet unable to recall why or indeed whether he had spent one night or one week in the town, Barro led them to the rough stone and wooden walls that they had spied whilst heading from Kordova some four days earlier. As before they took note of the extra three to four feet of newly constructed wall and the stout oaken gates. Barro called out for entry and shelter, with confident voice, and after a brief exchange was answered in the affirmative by the brusque yet rolling tones of the eastern Kordian commons.

As the reinforced gates of the Sherra drew open Master Hammander was received, as were our own heroes, with open arms and the sight of broached barrels, fresh bread and cheese. Armed and armoured the guard might have been, however the ’mayor’s-reeve’, the ‘town-welcoming-council’ and ‘brandy-wenches’ soon eased their guests trepidation by distributing flowers, drinks and welcomes in equal measure. Not unused to hedonism as a cover for more nefarious deeds, Sharah imbibed her drinks with gusto whilst still watering local flora and grasses surreptitiously. Similarly Evnarra, given her unfamiliarity with surface-folk, imbibed in (pun not intended) small-measure.

Despite imbibing deeply, Erro maintained ‘his-frame’ and a hardened Lando kept his feet. Their companion Barro meanwhile was bemused, befuddled and beyond-recall, happily following the jubilant and now oblivious ‘welcome-council’ toward the centre of town. Gates re-secured behind them, and an absence of the typical traffic associated with such a regional hub, the Party decided to reluctantly investigate what was now very noticeable noise from a large central stone ‘hall’ some two-hundred metres to the south and east. Aside from this central ‘fest-hall / council-hall’ there was a noticeable set of ancient buildings atop a small knoll south and west, a decorated shrine of a local deity and well dressed houses, with overgrown gardens all along very, very overgrown streets.

Entering what they found to be a Feast-Hall, shortly after their erstwhile ‘welcoming-commitee’ Erro, Sharah, Lando and Evnarra found a scene that baffled some and made others blush.


The revel inside the Feasthall near the centre of the town of Sherra.


Erro – Proves that fists are not his only weapons, finding the right angle with Barro Hammander to ensure an invitation to accompany him to Sherra and the promise that he would obtain entry for the Party.

Evnarra - 

Lando – Tries to outwit the doppelganger Crigemnos (masquerading as the avatar of Illanre the Spring Maiden) by playing up his 'charms' and formal politeness toward the ladies. A battle of wills ensues during which he is able to mentally conceal his friends presence, but not his intentions…

Sharah – Gets super-stealthy, leaping from concealment on multiple occasions to "gank" injured dopplegangers and hill giants alike.

The Party -

Active Characters:

Erro Moonshadow, Evnarra Rockcutter, Lando CalraesaSharah Bloodcast.

Off Characters:

Calaith Loreweaver, Cathrykan Shintar, Gaukin Lumberbearer, Kosef Mara, Silifrey Dotsk.


Orsekk Strakkhelm, Trigarios, Crigemnos.


Since the outset of the covert 'take-over' of Sherra, their Horn of Plenty has been missing. Immediately following the 'normalisation' of daily life in Sherra (thanks to the Sunset Wanderers) Dahlia, the Sherran Lady of the Dance, was quite concerned that it was not found on the bodies or in the belongings of Crigemnos or Trigarios. Nor was it on top of the rise upon which the grove of Yjanre sat and the "Hungry Twins" gorged themselves.


1420 XP for each ACTIVE CHARACTER.

923 XP for each OFF CHARACTER.

Story Goals Achieved:

Refitting the Hall Goal 1 Reached and Stretch Goal completed.

Great Southern Blight? from The Local Area # 2 Completed.


Sherran Horn of Plenty – purloined by Erro.


The Brothers of Ash and Flame
Session 6 - "The Elements Will Destroy You"

Evening – 19th Flamerule, Firesteap Mountains.

Story: Morain collected his allotted bowl of beany pork stew and rude wooden cup of beer then hastened to an empty bench seat alongside his 'brothers'. His holiness, Tarvald, had instituted a strict rotation of training and prayer since he arrived some weeks ago. Morain's body complained loudly with every step, bruises and scrapes from training staves and cudgel blows brushed painfully against the hair shirt underclothes beneath his robe. All about him the robed figures of his brethren were bent over their own meager meals, conversation a low hum, in contravention of their orders for complete silence and contemplation during personal time. Morain sniffed, people were the same everywhere, no orders could change a mans need for gossip, stories and the companionship of his fellows.

The young cultist barely raised his head as another group of their fellows entered. But when he noticed the swish of hip beneath ashen robes and slimmer lithe forms of two of the group he began to pay more careful attention. The Brothers of Ash and Flame did not count many women amongst their number, most serving with Her Holiness in Hylaea. Things were looking up. At least he might have someone more interesting to talk to, or at least watch, down here under the earth. That was what Morain missed really, the clear voices of his sisters, and their friend Jenna, especially Jenna.

The room fell into a genuine quiet as another group made their way inside the crowded refectory and proceeded to the trestles assigned as food benches and dish holders. Morain bent his head and attempted to look suitably pious as Tarvald's lieutenant Kashar made his way through the small group containing the women, delivering silent benedictions with his right hand as they deferred to his standing, allowing the priest of Ash to take his repast before them. Young Soltan, son of the miller family from Sherra, stumbled his way out of Kashar's path, earning a brief scowl and the silent mirth of his brethren.

"He'd probably be feeding the Trog's for weeks," thought Morain with a quick stubbly grin.

He shuffled across to allow one of the women from the group of four to sit to his left on the bench. She was pretty. Remarkably so, and Morain realised he was looking at sharpened elven features; delicate sea-shell ears without the ponderous human lobes. He frowned briefly. With so many newcomers it was impossible to meet everyone, between watches, prayer routine and training. But he was sure they'd not enlisted any elves, they generally didn't believe that the Lords were actually gods, heathens that they were.

"And come to think it…," mused Morain. "Should there really be this many 'brothers' off duty at once?" He couldn't remember there being this many at the late meal, between the deepening and the extinguishing, since he'd come to this place.

The world turned into a chaotic morass, shouts and the breaking of furniture suddenly replacing the light banging of wooden dishes and many hungry mouths. The last thing Morain heard was a heavily accented female voice, mirth in its tone, and an explosion as if the very stones had cracked beneath his feet. Brief, intense pain, and then darkness swallowed the young cultist in its death grip…


Rewinding some two hours, we find the members of Expedition B (and Orsekk) in a reopened shrine to the gods of Ash and Flame, specifically Gargaash the Elder. They had managed to find a brief respite in a side chamber, which led them to discover the potential of yet another 'secret' pivot door, molded into the rock. Sharah had volunteered (impatient and with a view to push the Party along) ducked around the corner and began to look for the chamber or corridor's entrance point, based on the previously discovered panel door in the room the had fallen into to arrive here. Before a full investigation had taken place the Party were alerted to future company by the sound of drums, cymbals and a low resonant chanting.

Spotting a significant group of cultists, including some armed with genuine kit and a priestly figure mounted on a dais being carried by small creatures of living ash, Sharah quickly returned to the group stressing silence and the size of the approaching procession. The inevitable discovery of the cultist's dead comrades provoked an immediate response, guards on alert and cultists searching both the close and further access corridors to what the Party now realised was a central shrine chamber with no easy alternate exit.

An ambush was set, our 'heroes' once again deciding to use their stealth abilities and rely on the questionable value of surprise (given the alert state of the 'enemy'). Lando and Sharah took up positions alongside the doorway closest to the approaching entourage, whilst Silifrey charged her guns behind a solid central pillar and Evnarra melted into the rear stonework using her race's natural affinity for the underground environment. Orsekk placed himself near one of the further entrances in anticipation of a smaller group attempting an approach from a different corridor.

Despite the Cultists knowledge that someone had penetrated their lair the initial stages of the trap were sprung without a hitch. At least until the completion of a ritual from the leading priestly figure, where-upon the emergence of a Fire Elemental, glowing with primordial fury, began to rapidly complicate the situation. With smaller elemental Mephits (the dais carriers) exploding and showering the Party in darkened ash or steam, the Fire Elemental pushing forward through the main corridor entrance and a group of halberd armed cultists invading from the north, our 'heroes' found themselves completely surrounded. Orsekk was severely scalded and clawed by a group of Mephits and it looked grim for the older dwarf. In the following moments adrenaline must have had a lot to do with the Party's swift, deadly and clever response.

The Cultists and Mephits who had made their way into the chamber were treated to a hail of gun-fire, arrows, dagger thrusts and rapier strikes that thinned their ranks rapidly leaving bloodied corpses and small explosions of ash and steam. Lando and Sharah sprang backwards and forwards trying to avoid the puffs of elemental force as much as position for their next strikes. Silifrey dedicated herself to aiding the downed Orsekk and holding to the north, whilst Evnarra took on the problem of the Fire Elemental. The small svirfneblin wizard was (and still is) no physical match for any Elemental, however the image of an enraged Ice Elemental surely was. Illusionary hoar-frost and motes of swirling snow surrounded the image, completely fooling the Fire Elemental and several of the remaining cult members who immediately focused on this new and surprising threat.

The 'round-up' and subsequent slaughter of the other cultists, Fire Elemental and Priest went smoothly from there. Including a devastating stealthy attack by Sharah with her glowing magical dagger to the rear of the Fire Elemental, finishing the creature off and banishing its essence again to the Plane of Fire that birthed it. Bandaging wounds and offering comfort and magical healing to Orsekk (who was covered in small scalds and burns) was how an eye-brow raised and travel stained Erro found the Party, after he followed their trail of combat and bodies to the chamber which had taken on the aspect of a charnel-house.

Erro Moonshadow had ridden his borrowed palfrey as hard as he dared along the highway to the south-east of Kordova and passed the still barred gates of Sherra earlier that day. He couldn't say exactly why he hurried, just a feeling ever since the minor tremors he'd felt through his bedroll the previous evening and a general feeling of disquiet. After meeting with the very active dwarven occupants of the shrine and a viewing of the damaged chamber with the hardened lava tube Erro's perspective did not appreciably become any sunnier. Assuming the worst he hastened into the diagonal shaft, using the already safe, and rapidly lengthening stair being constructed on-the-fly by the dwarves. Moving into darkness he crept along the path of Party, disturbances and dead cultists until, relieved and a little confused he found the rest of the expedition amidst the results of their latest encounter with the denizens of Hyradraea.

After greetings and introductions (Erro had yet to meet Lando) a quick debrief ensued, with Erro updating the Party with regards to other current 'Sunset-Missions' and everyone taking stock of the present situation. The opening and concealed tunnel were recalled and resolving to move away from the main complex the Party ascended a small set of stairs that placed them in an unadorned and light-less corridor extending east in a straight line through the rock. Masking their entrance to this stairwell and corridor the group moved forward for several hundred feet before descending a further stair and (after a quick check) exiting in an ante-chamber filled with cult paraphernalia and equipment. Noises from both of the exits could be clearly heard, the sounds of humanoid passage and work.

Side corridors revealed several larger spaces across which the Party observed cultists wearing bloodied aprons bearing cut portions of meat toward an upward sloping passageway. Of more immediate interest though were the sounds of a larger number of people that could be heard from a side chamber in an adjacent corridor. Leaving Evnarra and Orsekk near the entrance to the secret corridor the others donned the purloined robes of cult members and hatched a quick plan based on subterfuge and what can only be described as a little wishful thinking. With a boldness that belied their isolated state Silifrey, Lando, Erro and Sharah entered a long chamber, set with many trestle tables and bench seats. Food preparation and serving equipment placed to one long side of the chamber, with large cauldrons and trenchers of communal style food laid across another series of tables. Many of the wooden seats were occupied by cult members observing a grim silence as they chewed through a less than appetising looking meal. Some were still serving themselves to the left side of the chamber and it was to the end of this line of cultists that our 'heroes' joined, attempting to imitate the enforced silence of the room.

It was at this moment that an entourage of cultists (some four or five) and a priest entered the room. A lean and hard looking southerner his entry obtained an instant repect as cultists sat up straighter, murmurs ceased and the cultists clustered to the left side of the chamber made way for their superior. He frowned slightly at the scene, but when the disguised Party members followed suit and made gracious way for him he attended to his own meal, then seating himself with his small coterie at a central trestle table. Some mirth was had at the expense of one dimwitted youth who did not quite manage to make way and observe the proper obsequience(s). And so without arousing suspicion, Sharah, Erro, Silifrey and Lando seated themselves about the room, Erro choosing to sit as close to the Under-Priest as he could, and began a repast consisting mostly of beany stew, flavoured with the distant memories of bacon and garlic.

Now it must be noted that Erro had a myriad of experiences with which to draw upon and fell into 'refectory' character immediately. Even able to slip a medium sized emerald from his robes and casually toss it beneath the Under-Priest whilst adjusting a sandal. Lando's Dragonmere tan and hair could fit any number of regional areas and Silifrey's slightly boyish stance and mannerisms made identification of either difficult in the heavy cult robes. A little more difficult to conceal are the finely shaped elven features and delicate flowing movements of Sharah Bloodcast, who it must be said had attracted the attention of more than one young 'chancer' on the streets of Baldur's Gate in her time. It was at the moment that a young man became too interested in Sharah and the Under-Priest (observed by Erro) had perked up his attention that our 'heroes' sprang their (for want of a better word) trap.

Silifrey slipped the slim-line shotgun of which she'd become inordinately fond of from her robes, calling down dwarven 'blessings' on the unfortunate group of cult members opposite, before deafening the room with a hail of shot. This could be heard throughout the complex, alerting Orsekk and Evnarra who rushed toward the central chamber, as did a number of cultists not at the evening meal. Erro immediately took this as his queue to try out his new toy (a magical emerald taken from the coffers of The Old Firm), issuing a word of command and throwing the centre of the refectory into chaos as a hulking Earth Elemental responded to the primordial spells of binding contained within the magical Emerald.

The rest of the melee quickly became a slaughter, as the bewildered cultists reacted to the presence of the Party and the rampaging elemental with a feverish though ultimately futile defense. Splintered tables and other furniture hampered their efforts, and the roguish bent of the Party 'lapped-up' the opportunity to excel at close-quarter fighting. Despite reinforcements our 'heroes' defeated wave upon wave, turning the refectory chamber and adjacent rooms into a scene of death, reeking with the spilled blood of the unfortunate and poorly trained cult fighters.

Scouring the remainder of the living areas of the complex a number of interesting items and equipment were found, though no further clue as to the ultimate goals of the strange group. Upon investigating the tunnel entrance sloping upward (where earlier they had observed the 'meat-bearing' cultists) the Party found an end to the shaped and worked passage-ways; a rough cut, winding tunnel, from which emanated the first breath of a breeze they had felt since crawling through the secret tunnel earlier.

A curious and slightly rancid odour greeted the Party as they entered a twisting natural section of cave, the walls and floor damaged by the movements of the faults deep beneath the Firesteaps. Moving cautiously forwards and upwards they very soon encountered the source of the peculiar smell. Greyish brown, lizard featured humanoids began to flit about the periphery of the Party, crawling and scrambling from the many cave openings and fissures in the tunnel. These creatures were quickly identified by Evnarra as being Troglodytes and an alarming number of them were now extended in a rough circle around our 'heroes'.

Despite Troglodytes less than savoury reputation the Cultists had managed to find some equilibrium with the creatures and inherit free guards into the bargain by regularly feeding the creatures to keep them torpid and docile. Approaching the situation with caution the Party came to much the same conclusion and used food as a lure and 'trade-off' to move hastily to the upper tunnels where a breeze, scented with pine needles greeted them like a breath of ambrosia after their time underground.

Just as the beginnings of a dim light could be seen around the corners of the last stretch of tunnels a hideous stench took over the previously sweet air. Investigating a side chamber the Party found themselves face-to-face with the top line of the cults 'natural' defences at their 'back-door'. A large and well-fed Troll confronted our group in a chamber littered with bones and refuse from countless unhappy creatures. A struggle ensued with the Troll very keen to add yet another meal to its never-ending need to gorge. Overcoming this last challenge, with fire and acid putting paid to the creature's uncanny regenerative abilities, the PArty could at last turn their faces toward the twisting deer-tracks and mountain streams that would lead them back north to Erruggarr's Shrine.


The Cult - Sharah attempts to subdue the leader of this cult cell, trying to strike his temple with the pommel of her dagger blade. Unfortunately the strike misses, and a resigned Tarvald, seeing the destruction of his followers and ineffectiveness of his summoned pet, smashes his "homing ruby" and perishes in the conflagration.

The cult fights with a passion and feverish purpose, gladly sacrificing themselves for whatever strange purpose they represent. Some are less committed than others, though these cultists interested in self preservation have been a minority and only break when forced to hopeless situations.

Active Characters:

Erro Moonshadow, Evnarra Rockcutter, Lando Calraesa, Silifrey Dotsk, Sharah Bloodcast.

Off Characters:

Cathrykan arrives at the Hall of the Sunset one afternoon, escorted by her new attendant Treava, temple guardsmen (dressed in impractical leather harness) and a small carriage from which is lifted (with much grunting and sweating) many large, lead sealed leather sacks. Shortly afterward a beaming Silvio was seen rushing about the bottom level of the Hall to find Arantes and the sound of clinking trade bars could be clearly heard by Gaukin and the Chef across the way in the kitchens.

Calaith Loreweaver, Cathrykan Shintar, Gaukin Lumberbearer, Kosef Mara.


Orsekk Strakkhelm, Tarvald, Doomsayer of Torsch, The Brothers of Ash and Flame.

Morain (Torsch), Soltan (Sherra), Kashar (Foreign) – deceased members of the Brothers of Flame & Ash. Most bodies of the 'regular' cultists are of Kordian extraction or bear features of the different Lake of Steam nations/city states. Kashar is from further away, perhaps the Shining Sea States to the south and west.


#4. "The End is Coming!"


1325 XP for each ACTIVE CHARACTER.

861 XP for each OFF CHARACTER.

(1650 accumulated XP for each NPC SUNSET CHARACTER).

Story Goal Achieved:

Refitting the Hall #1. and "Stretch Goal" Achieved.

Rewards – The Indecipherable Map. 250gp each.

From Silvio upon return. Sharah in custody of Map.


Hammer of the Forge, Diverse Wealth; Potions, Weapons, Raw Gemstones and Processed Metals, Sets of Armour and other Trade Goods. (Chainmail + 1, Studded Leather + 1, 3 Common Healing Potions, Potion of Comprehend Languages).

Cult Texts – For Calaith, Cathrykan, Erro and Evnarra to peruse.


Reunited in the Errudrakenath our Party and their friends made some decisions about the immediate future of Expedition B.

1). Silifrey would remain at the shrine for the period of mourning being held for Thorfan Inkpen, learning more about dwarven culture and incidentally allowing herself a sneaky chance at some 'personal-business' with regards to the bookishly attractive artist Quailyth.

2). They would attempt to discover the true nature of the 'Blight' affecting the lands about Sherra and filtering up and down the river Malravan. This would entail the remaining memebrs of Expedition B, plus Erro, entering the nearby township as quickly as possible.



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