Archmagus Zilthras

"Magic should be the province of age, experience and wisdom. Study and preparation, these are the hallmarks of a true Master, not the rank experimentation of the 'hedge' wizardry so popular these days."


Bushy eyebrows that wriggle when he is irritated or amused are the features (and objects of mirth) that have greeted three generations worth of young apprentice wizards who aspire to join the Magna Circuli Magicae.


Often stern Zilthra is a common site at court and in the company of King Ottovar. Although his days of riding by his majesties side in the field are long past, people say he was an excellent battle-mage in his day. He now runs the Kordovan guild of Magical Practitioners, Magna Circuli Magicae, and classes at the University with equal time and facility.

GM Secret.

Archmagus Zilthras

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