Ullussuth, Minor Elemental Lord of Fire

"That cursed Devil will pay for 'extinguishing' my flame on that pathetic world. I have bathed in the furthermost reaches of my Home and thought long. That irritating whelp will regret his transgression."


A great form of pure roaring flame, Ullussuth dwells as deeply into the Plane of Fire as is possible, whilst still being able to communicate with subordinates in the City of Brass. Ullussuth is most commonly depicted by mortals on the Material as a sheet of fire or a great firestorm descending from the heavens.


Legendary Personality.



Previously the city of Valdenasa.

Known Background:

(See Encyclopaedia Kordia for Ullussuth’s historical involvement in our Campaign Setting or A History of the Ash Wars by Danmara Whitelock for a rebuttal and alternate theory of this history).

GM Secret.
Core Narratives – The Doom of Kord, The Endless Gears of War.

Ullussuth, Minor Elemental Lord of Fire

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