Princess Tevalya Altan

"Honestly. I think if Mother gets an entire district named after her then I DEFINITELY should. I mean, really Father, please..."


Her features a pleasant compromise between her father’s honey colouring and her mother’s stark white pigment, Tevalya has grown into an attractive young princess, very conscious of her looks and her poise in all situations. Not that this poise isn’t shattered frequently by bouts of petulance and outright spite. The young princess can be a headache and a handful as her ladies may well attest.

Princess (Her Royal Highness), Lady of the Jewelled Bower. Beautiful Patron (Priesthood of Sune).
Tevalya is 17 years of age.
House of Altan.
Related To:

The Princess’s Ladies.


Known Background:
The youngest of the royal family has the rest of her siblings and father well in hand. Between winsome smiles and harping, wheedling tones Tevalya usually gets what she wants from the male members of her family. Her mother, Sydana is a different story.

She (the Queen) expects the same high standards of dress, comportment and education that she enjoyed as a young lady, and can never quite understand why Tevalya doesn’t measure up to those expectations. The difference can mainly be seen in their choice of religious outlet, Sydana preferring the discipline and self-sacrifice of Loviatar whilst Tevalya’s first inclinations are toward Romance, Fantasy and Dreams, the realm of Sune.

Current rumour throughout the city is that her engagement to Lord Hermetta’s son, Ernesto will become fact and publicly announced at the commencement of the Trade Fair of Waukeen. The Lavranan Jewellers Cooperative have been busy back and forth between Palace and Guildhall with the apparent task of devising a suitable gift for her Highness.

Core Narrative – The Endless Gears of War.


Princess Tevalya Altan

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