Queen Sydana, "Kordova's Beloved Heart"

"Brother-in-Law, I understand the need for the building works. Nobility must have it's due and the guilders are a necessary, not to mention lucrative, tedium. I WILL NOT, however, have you wasting funds on every dreg and dross that comes to Kordova!"


Queen Sydana, formerly a High Maiden of the city-state of Cimbar, is a breathtakingly beautiful woman who certainly does not look her age. When she wed the king she was barely seventeen years old and despite the intervening years she has somehow contrived to appear no older than her eldest child, the crown prince Sergio. Her beauty is the marvel of the south and would appear to have rubbed off on not only her children, but also her King. Ottovar and Giano (her second child) could be mistaken for brothers rather than father and son.

Sydana favours reds and whites to accentuate her delicate milk-pale skin and is rarely seen in public without a parasol or sun-shade. She has been known to whip bath-servants who have scrubbed too diligently at her prized complexion. Her sometimes vapid appearance is a sham, she is sharp, acerbic and she regularly loses her temper at subordinates or vents her spleen on hapless servants and slaves.

Queen of Kordia. “Kordova’s Beloved Heart”. High Maiden of Cimbar. Lady of the Red Whip.
Human (Chessentan, Cimbar).
Loviatar. Cult of Altan (Nominally).
Sydana is 46 years of age.
elam’nae Tanros by birth. Altan by marriage.
Related To:
House of Altan. – Ottovar (Her King), Reagas | Brother-in-Law), Sergio (Eldest Child), Giano (Second Child), Tevalya (Youngest Child).
Enormous. State funds and unfettered access to Guild Banks.
The Queen’s Coven.


Known Background:
Born into the upper echelons of nobility and privilege in the city-state of Cimbar, Sydana’s life was mapped out before she could even talk. The process of marrying off girls from the upper crust of Cimbaran life, their High-Maidens, has long stood this independent minded city-state in good stead. Each of the noble families vie to provide at least one daughter per generation to the Temples of Finishing, which educate and prepare the selected girls for their future roles as wives, ambassadors and representatives of Cimbaran culture to the powerful warlords, kings and princes of central and southern Faerun. This practice has ensured enormous wealth, and a lack of disturbance for the city-state for many generations.

Noble girls taught at the Temples of Finishing are expected to be proud, yet still demure and polite, knowing when to appease their ‘lords’. Sydana, and indeed others before her, does not quite fit or exemplify this subservient role. As a young Queen she very quickly established a power-base and neatly wrapped the energetic Ottovar (concerned with young man’s dreams) around one of her delicate fingers. In addition to her own coterie of courtiers, ladies and lackey’s she very quickly assumed much of the domestic power in Kordova, Ottovar being far too concerned with separatists in Derlusk or Orc tribes of the Shaar. Her major stumbling blocks to true control in Kordova (she thinks less of the extended hegemony) are the Guild Conclave, existing Noble Houses and a populace less than well disposed to her quirks.

Sydana’s personal tics are many and change at whim, driving the ladies of the court mad and delighting dressmakers and jewellers alike. Of a more serious nature is the Queen’s complete devotion to the goddess Loviatar. As a young girl she had already worshipped the Mistress of Pain, her religion being quite permissible and part of the ancient fabric of Cimbar. She brought this worship with her and has since ensured that the Temple of Eviscerated Joy has become the largest and most prominent church of Loviatar in southern Faerun. In a single generation the priestesses of this goddess have become preminent amongst Kordovan faiths, allowing older iterations of Loviatar’s religion, such as the Red Sisters to assume a more public place in Kordovan life as well.

Another of her personal issues would have dire consequences for the monarchy itself. A known homosexual, Prince Reagas had already abdicated in favour of his brother Ottovar to ensure the continuation of the Altan line. Despite the city of Kordova being relatively ambivalent toward a person’s sexual preferences, Sydana herself is rampantly homophobic. This has resulted in a rift in the royal house, with Reagas departing Kordova shortly after the royal wedding of 445KR and not returning for almost a decade, a self-imposed and noble exile. Tensions still exist between Sydana, Ottovar and Reagas concerning this prejudice, exacerbated by the promotion of Ser Giles Leofford to castellan of the Palace Tower.

Sydana also ‘has-it-in’ for the followers of Selune. Predating her friendship with Selense, Night Mother of Shar and so unrelated to the enmity between the two goddesses of the night, Sydana is the architect of the Consecration of Selune’s Tear and the edicta that followed. This has resulted in all Selunites either being executed, fleeing or being very, very careful about practicing their religion in greater Kordia.

(See, Factions of Kordia for a breakdown of those closest to Sydana).

Core Narratives – The Endless Gears of War. The Doom of Kord.
Side Narrative – Undiscovered.


Sharah Bloodcast.

Queen Sydana, "Kordova's Beloved Heart"

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