Prince of the Crown, Sergio Altan

"This weakness that saps my body has not affected my mind. I see my mother's petty evils and my father's growing paranoia. I fear too that my inheritance may not be what it was, or when it should be..."


A handsome yet wan looking young man, Prince Sergio appears sickly to most who see him, a little too pale, his features pinched and stretched as if from pain. His thinner frame and more prominent bones stand in contrast to his younger brother Giano’s obvious physical capacity.
Crown Prince of the Realm. Lord of the Royal Council. Captain of the Inner Courtyard.
Lawful Good.
Waukeen. (Thought to visit priests of Illmater near Westgate). Cult of Altan.
Courtier (Kordova).
House Altan
Palace DIstrict, Kordova (often with Lord Terranta or other Mercantile Lords).
The KIng’s Men.


Known Information:
Sergio is a thinker, the quiet voice of reason at Council or Conclave meetings that he infrequently attends. He serves his family best in matters of diplomacy and statecraft, dickering with the rival Mivasch Confederation or the fractured states of the southern Lake of Steam. Sergio is also the chosen royal representative when hosting embassages from foreign climes, particularly those of a sophisticated nature.

Rumour has it that his sickness is a malignancy of the bowels and doctors visiting his chambers are routinely perplexed and unable to treat the condition. This engenders some sympathy for the prince throughout Kordova and additionally he is known to be fair, even-handed and a good man to approach if one is from the business sphere.

It is rumoured that the Prince has several times (incognito) been to visit the priests of Illmater who run a small shrine beyond the walls of Kordova near the temporary Slave Pens. These are the clergy who abandoned the church centre in the Warrens after repeated animosity and pressure from the powerful Loviataran Temple in the city.

Core Narratives – The Endless Gears of War. The Doom of Kord.
Side Narrative – Undiscovered.


Prince of the Crown, Sergio Altan

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