King Ottovar Altan I, Scourge of the Borderlands

"I have sacrificed much for this Kingdom, this Power. Yes, sacrifice, that is what it has been. My legions grow ever stronger as is my Divine Right. Wait...Silence. Did those drapes just move?"


Pale for a Kordovan like many of his family (the Altan’s trace their lineage northward to the area around Ormpetarr), King Ottovar is a strikingly handsome man with long sandy blond hair. He looks not a day over 30, which means that the occasional naive foreign envoy has mistaken him for his own sons. Indeed he shares more physical characteristics with his son Giano than he does with his own brother, Reagas.

King of Kordia. Scourge of the Borderlands. Lord of the West Marches. Protector of Valda and Londas. Knight of the Royal House.
Fighter – 9th. Battlemaster Archetype. Noble Background.
Lawful Neutral. (Altered from youth).
Cult of Altan. Tyr (Youthful). Waukeen (Older). Loviatar (Nominally).
Human (Kordian).
Ottovar is 52 years of age.
Soldier (Commissioned Officer).
House of Altan. – Sydana (His Queen), Reagas (Older Brother), Sergio (Eldest Child), Giano (Second Child), Tevalya (Youngest Child).
Derlusk, specifically Fuerna Garrison.
The King’s Men. Kordia and the House of Altan.


Known Information:
Having ascended the throne of Kordova at the tender age of 24 (see story, The Seige of Innarith) Ottovar I immediately began reshaping the Kordovan military, the Burning Spear Legion. His father Markovar II had been a man primarily concerned with commerce, and had used trade deals and tariffs as his primary weapons of aggression. Not so young Ottovar. An already prodigious warrior, his vision for Kordova included not only those foreign possessions closest to his city’s borders, but the area of the Lake of Steam itself.

Ottovar has since forged a nation out of the already powerful city-state of Kordova. This has become, in his lifetime, a cohesive ruled area known as the Kordian Hegemony, or Kordia. Years spent in saddle or camped in seige have rewarded Ottovar and his family with a nation to rival many others in Faerun for size, power and wealth. Some areas remain fractious, for example the folk around Derlusk, however at present Ottovar is free to consolidate his power and plan further conquests.

At 25 years of age (445KR) Ottovar was wed to a foreign ‘princess’ a Cimbaran High Maiden by the name of Sydana. They have 3 children, the crown prince Sergio, his younger brother Giano and their sister Tevalya. All three are fair of hair and complexion, a mixture of their father’s natural paler features and their mother’s stark white skin and hair. Rumours suggest that there would have been a third heir to Kordova (before Tevalya), unfortunately miscarried by Sydana (451KR) despite the efforts of midwives. Whatever the truth of this rumour, Ottovar is a uxorious man, indulging his wife and children outrageously (primarily the princess), although this may stem from his long absences commanding troops in the field.

As a younger man, in the company of other Knights and soldiers, Ottovar was known for his good humour and levity. Over the intervening years this has evaporated and his demeanour is now entirely different. Courtiers and high officials now avoid long conversations with the King and speak of a growing paranoia. Ottovar is obsessed with Security and Control, requesting increasingly bizarre defenses or military maneuvers that are inscrutable to his closest confidants. He regularly starts at shadows or movements in corners. More than one soldier or servant has found themselves replaced after startling the King whilst his attention was focused elsewhere. This growing paranoia extends to his life and the lives of his family. Ottovar sees assassins everywhere and has redoubled all guards in the Palace District.

Core Narratives – The Endless Gears of War. The Doom of Kord.
Historical Narrative – Seige of Innarith.

Player Secret – Sharah Bloodcast.

King Ottovar Altan I, Scourge of the Borderlands

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