Magretor Homeforger

"Now, now, young Wanderra. Haste with the delicate art of Spore Harvesting can be a good way to learn a sharp, permanent lesson. You want to almost...tickle...the Myconid. And eddro!! Success!!"


An older Deep Gnome, learned and respected by his community, Magretor bears the balding skull, dark polished skin and learned gaze typical of many Svirfneblin. His long white beard dangles in unruly plaits toward his feet. Magretor likes wearing magical trinkets that have a variety of cunning uses, which he weaves about his person as ornamentation.

Wizard – 6th. Transmutation School. Sage Background.


Magretor has been sent to Kordova, or more specifically the Duskwood and Chondalwood in search of rare ingredients for curative potion. The city of Blidgenstone has been afflicted by a strange lingering disease that causes great pain, swelling and inflammation followed ultimately by the expiration of the unfortunate carrier. Deep-Gnomes of all ages seem susceptible to the disease and although the process is slow (victims of the disease can take months to die) so far efforts to stave off the inevitable results have been futile.

The community of Blidgenstone nominated Magretor as their Wizardly spokesperson due to his extensive knowledge in and study of the field of Myconology. Specifically the effects of spores on the humanoid nervous system and brain. Accompanying the Svirfneblin sage would be his apprentice Wanderra and his friend and young colleague Evnarra. Their quest to find a cure has pointed them surface wise, to the south countries, where strange and exotic herbs and roots abound in the forests under trunk and rock.

After a somewhat ‘rough’ welcome to Kordova (see Adventure Log 2.5 From Far Off Lands), the group split up, with Wanderra and Magretor taking the bulk of their cash and equipment to a better class Inn nearer to research facilities, whilst Evnarra went with Flick and Gaukin to join the Sunset Wanderers. She hopes this may lead to information about the area, or the where-with-all to outright purchase a cure or services of someone who can provide one.

GM Secret. Side Narrative – Experimental Medicine.

Magretor Homeforger

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