Hirada Kenjii

"From dishonour and defeat, I will forge a new destiny. The Sky Kami have demanded that I live in shame, not that I live without purpose."


From the far away Isles of Kozakura, Kenjii bears the scars of a true warrior. Physically and unfortunately mentally as well. A quiet and withdrawn person in conversation, he tends toward dramatic statements couched in very uncompromising terms. His forthrightness on issues is seldom a problem for the “Wanderers” as he is an honourable and dedicated member of their fellowship.

Fighter – 6th. Kensai Archetype. Soldier Background.


Kenjii is one of a few remaining soldiers from a failed raid on an enemy stronghold in Kozakura against a rival clan in one of the Kingdom’s many internecine struggles. He never speaks the name of his defeated clan, nor that of their opponents. Being the grandson and son of a clan warrior, Kenjii attempted to take the only honourable course upon waking uninjured on the battlefield after being struck unconscious by an opponent and left for dead. He found a secluded glade, close to the town near his now occupied old clan’s holdings, and prepared for the ritual of extirpation that would honour his warrior ancestors by taking his own life.

Before he could fall upon his side-arm, Kenjii was stopped by the laughter of children entering the glade, unconscious in their childish delight of his pain or the events that had changed so many lives. They were chasing butterflies, the children of the Sky Kami, and hunting them from flower to flower. Both children, undoubtedly siblings the way the younger boy clung to his older sister, stopped wide eyed at the sight of Kenjii in dirtied but full ritual armour kneeling in the glade. His eyes misting. Kenjii looked toward the Heavens above the glade, and greeted the morning sun with an exultant cry, rather than the blade he had thought to use.

Here was a clear sign from the Sky Kami. He would live. In shame yes. But not without a purpose and a mission for his life. He would fight for those who had no armour, no weapons. He would fight for the innocence of children chasing insects in the sun. Kenjii smiled as he stood, laughing to himself as he realized his exuberant shout had scared the two urchins away. Or had they been messengers of the Sky Kami as well?

Kenjii then shouldered his meager belongings and turned his face toward the faint tang of salt, wafting from the distant bay.
Kenjii is another who has said little so far to our newest members of the Sunset Wanderers. He did support their choice of Bounty to track down (See: Adventure Log 3), so it seem that his love of law and duty extends to his new companions as well.

Flamerule 472KR.

Kenjii spends a lot of his time in and around the Guild Hall of the Sunset Wanderers watching the middle distance. He is a complex young man with a quiet disposition around his fellow Guild Members. Even his rooms are somewhat removed from the rest of the Guild Hall. Kenjii lives in an imitation of the Paper and Wooden houses of the Far East, set on the upper balcony of the Hall of Sunset’s southern end. This faces the morning sun and the lands of his birth.

Alone among the Wanderers, Kenjii is never unarmed. Even at breakfast the twin swords he bears (one small, one longer and delicately curved) never leave his side. He frequently fondles the elegant scroll work of their scabbards unconsciously, whilst staring out the windows towards the East. When disturbed during such moments the young warrior always seems to have been woken from some reverie, his mind far distant and his remaining good eye slightly glazed.

13th Flamerule: Kenjii has headed into The Duskwood with Istvaan and the others to investigate the strange “moving statues”.

GM Secret. Emergent Narrative – Activated – The Trouble with Kenjii.

Hirada Kenjii

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