Istvaan Oaktender, Duskwood Defender


A stout, blond dwarf who moves quietly through the forest despite his armour, harness and race’s reputation for clumsiness. His forehead is crisscrossed with scars, remnants of battles against the tainted creatures of the deep Duskwood.

Ranger – 7th. Beast Master Archetype. Guild Artisan (Armourer) Background.


As a younger dwarf, Istvaan pursued typical goals, learning the trade of his ancestors in the hot forges of Earth-Heart in the Great Rift.

The PC’s briefly encountered Istavaan outside the Hall of the Sunset on the morning (10th Flamerule 472KR) that they joined the guild. He spoke only to Kennard, and it appeared they had something important to discuss later on.

GM Secret.

Istvaan Oaktender, Duskwood Defender

The Destiny of Kord Khaz