Hymillidraxinar, "Shipbreaker"

"Small ones, you have entered my domain and a toll will be paid. And today I do not hunger for the flesh of grass-fed stock..."


Glittering blue scales tinged with green sparkle in the bright sunshine as droplets of water cascade from the creature’s form like tiny sapphires and diamonds. The roar of the dragon is deafening as its full length is revealed, rising from the shallow waters of the warm lake.


Legendary Creature.
Ancient Blue.

Lake of Steam. Sighted mainly around the atolls between the Arnrock and Hylaea / Derlusk.


Known Background:
Boastful and cautionary tales are told the length of the southern Lake of Steam coast of the deadly menace ‘Ship-breaker’. Recently a sighting of the creature has also been rumoured around Yhep in the northern waters. Ships captains regularly take on poor quality cattle or goats with the specific purpose of appeasing Hymilidraxinar. These unfortunate creatures become the offering with which a ship buys safe passage, such mammals being a welcome change in the great dragon’s diet. Legends disgaree as to whether Hymillidraxinar inhabits one of the small islands common to the Lake of Steam, or the majestic rise of the Arnrock itself.

Hymillidraxinar, "Shipbreaker"

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