Hortho Varra

"Come on in, don't be shy. Wanderers drink the first round free. 'Course the Second round is double-charged, but traditions are traditions..."


Balding and overweight, Hortho blows and huffs his way good naturedly about the tables and booths of his large and maze-like establishment. A rotund man with a well rounded attitude to life. Hortho avoids offending people, so long as they don’t offend him. His two larger sons assist him in keeping this as the Tavern’s only real rule.


The keeper of the White Knight’s Rest in Westgate has a varied clientele, each with his or her own story to share. A mere block from the guildhall of The Sunset Wanderers the tavern is a resting place for adventurers away from the hall and a gossip pit for travelers and other citizens of Kordova.

It is in the White Knight’s Rest, partly from Hortho and partly via eaves-dropping, that the Player Characters first get wind of one of Silvio’s more talked about (though not by him) episodes of swashbuckling, love and idiocy.

Emergent Narrative Activated – A Woman Scorned.

Hortho Varra

The Destiny of Kord Khaz