Grendiir, Battle Warden of Tempus

"Pick up the pace you sluggards! Move, move...up, down! The lord Tempus demands FIT warriors. Not puking little Girls!!"


Nearly seven feet tall, and built impressively to boot, Grendiir is the former guildmaster of The Sunset Wanderers. His hard grey eyes now survey The Battle Fields, dedicated to Tempus in Kordova’s Old Burning Spear Legion HQ.

Fighter – 8th. Battlemaster Archetype. Cleric – 6th. War Domain. Soldier Background.


Despite his prowess on the field of battle, or exploring forgotten ruins and caves, Grendiir was a terrible administrator. In fact his lack of financial acumen and sometimes abrasive manner are part of the reason the once numerous Sunset Wanderers Adventurers Guild finds itself so depleted of personnel.

GM Secret.

Grendiir, Battle Warden of Tempus

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