Prince Giano Altan

"I protect and I maintain, as my holy Lord dictates. I shall be my brother's strong right arm and my father's shield. May Helm bless our House and give me the strength to defend what we have gained."


Tall, strong and well set out, Prince Giano is many of Kordova’s peoples idea of a Prince. Sergio may be well thought of, but his younger brother’s good looks and physical accomplishments make Giano the darling of the people. He is always garbed in the accouterments of war, either his full plate or courtiers’ clothes that allow flexibility and movement.
Prince of the Realm. Lord of the Royal Council. Commander of the Third Legion (The Lions of Kordova). Knight of the Royal House. Annointed Knight of the Order of the Azure Drake.
Paladin – 6th. Oath of Devotion (Helm).
Lawful Good.
Prince Giano is 24 years of age.
Noble (Kordova).
House of Altan.
Palace District, Kordova (Often with Balthas and Lady Phae Donra).
The King’s Men.


Known Information:
A worshiper of the god Helm Giano often finds himself at odds with his mothers’ wishes or those of his unpredictable sister. His fascination with the god of duty stems from his deep feelings of protectiveness toward his elder sibling Sergio who as a child bore bouts of long pain and discomfort due to his mysterious ailment. The younger Giano childishly vowed to defend his brother from pain and this has become the basis for his young life. Defense of Family, God, Honour and Kordova. Strangely this is also the basis for his discomfort with his mother Sydana, as her worship of Loviatar embraces pain, rather than try to quell it.

Long periods of study and training in the House of the Knights of the Azure Drake under the expert eye of Cervantes have made the young prince a consummate warrior. He is often entrusted difficult flanking or exploratory missions by his father King Ottovar and is most comfortable astride his charger, directing troops and enjoying the camraderie of other soldiers. Giano cares less for the vagaries of court and city, preferring a simpler approach as laid down by his Order, and the God of Watchers.

Rumour places Balthas Carmino in Giano’s company lately. This may be with a view to having the young prince marry Balthas’ ward, Adana Carmino the last of her family line. The king is known to favour Lord Carmino and indulge his crotchety quirks, so the match may well end up as fact soon enough.

Side Narrative – Undiscovered.
Core Narratives – The Endless Gears of War. The Doom of Kord.


Prince Giano Altan

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