Gavlar Hrun

"Our turf, our people. Pay up, No problem. Make sure nasty fire don't come in night. Yes?"


Solidly built half-orc with glassy black eyes and the faint whiff of Lurien Leaf about his person. Rarely seen without his mask as he is very conscious of the vicious, wide scar across his lower mouth, which he uses to effect when he wants to intimidate a shop-keeper or unaligned street thug.
Killed in the struggle for the Fletcher’s Square Turf.


Gavlar runs the Etto Parade Boys through a combination of grudging respect and heavy fists. He has recently seen a challenge to his domination of the gang which resulted in several members meeting unfortunate and ultimately river-soaked ends. This has left the group depeleted in man-power and their turf around Fletchers Square in The Warrens is rumoured to be under threat from one or two other gangs.

Fletcher’s Square and Environs:

GM Secret. Player Secret – Kosef Mara, Erro Moonshadow.

Gavlar Hrun

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