Gargaash the Elder, Elemental Lord of Ash

"That slippery fiend Bzeltomphet and his malformed legions will finally receive their comeuppance. My Name will again be spoken by the mortals of that small world. Though the only one truly worthy to utter it is long dead and ashes, his pact fulfilled."


gargaash.jpgLegendary Personality.
Elder Elemental Lord.
Neutral Evil.
‘Great Conflagration’ – Elemental Plane of Ash.
Elementals. The Brothers of Ash and Flame. Thalasians (past).
Enmity and War between himself and Bzeltomphet, Marshall of the Legions of the Sixth Level of Hell (Malbolge). Jealous of Kossuth. Contemptuous of Raak-Som-Thazra. Ally in Ullussuth.


Known Background:
One of the Three Elemental Lords that made up the Pantheon revered by Thalasians during their short lived but dominant period of civilisation. The most subtle of the three deities, Gargaash wove plots and set his followers to undermining the activities of his fellow god and rival Raak-Som-Thazra, Elder Lord of Magma. The priesthoods of these two sects and the third group from Valdenasa (those who followed Ullussuth, Lord of the Roasting Flame) often escalated their clandestine wars to actual conflict, the nature of the city-states of Thalasia assisting to breed regionalisms and prejudices between them.

Of the three lords involved in the destructive war that precipitated the eruptions of Mount Rothoa, Mount Thalandrea and Mount Hyradraea, Gargaash alone departed willingly, his bonded ‘stone’ not destroyed during the conflict. Legend states that he fought long with Kord the Preserver on the destroyed slopes of Mount Hyradraea each unable to defeat the other. It is said that the two forged a Pact which forced Gargaash to depart with the remainder of his troops and allowed the Londana Resistance to focus their attentions on Thalandraea and Raak-Som-Thazra. What Gargaash was promised by Kord is uncertain, however it is known that the Stone of Ash was relocated to the resistance headquarters on the edge of the Lake of Steam. Where it went, and Gargaash’s movements for the past half a millennia are uncertain.

Gargaash the Elder, Elemental Lord of Ash

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