"Flick" Vellar

"Hey Mister, yeah you there sir. Ever been robbed by a little girl?"


Short red-hair, wide green eyes and a slight frame make Flick look like a pushover to many in her native Warrens and Twists. Just sixteen years old, she is however a hardened Kordova native. Friends often joke that her mouth has ‘but two modes’, stealthy, and “flat-out-talking”, a style all of her own.
Rogue – 3rd. Thief Archetype.
Chaotic Good.
Mask, Illanre, Tymora.
Human. (Northern Kordian).
Urchin. (Kordova).
Westgate District, Kordova, Hall of the Sunset.
The Consortium for Change. (Supporter).


Known Information:
Flick isn’t the easy mark that some might assume. Her light frame is quick and muscled from years of running from irate merchants or guards while she learnt her trade with the child gangs of Kordova. Armed with multiple daggers and knives, she is particularly adept at throwing them in the close confines of alleyways and abandoned buildings, the terrain of her childhood.

Flick joined up with The Sunset Wanderers on the 10th of Flamerule, unobtrusively slipping into the group that Danmara Whitelock paid for. Since then she has contrived to be useful to Silvio, performing odd jobs that need doing and becoming the unofficial guild greeter, showing new guilders to their ‘digs’.

Looking to expand her horizons (Flick has never been more than two miles from Kordova’s walls), Flick has joined the older members of the Sunset Wanderers (13th Flamrule 472KR) in an expedition to The Duskwood.

GM Secret. Player Secret – Sharah Bloodcast.

"Flick" Vellar

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