High Priestess Pain, (Lady Dolorea Salva)

"Torture? Hah, you should try having to pay dock duties to my father. No, seriously. Now hold still. This is reaallly going to hurt."


A middling height Kordovan noble “lady” Dolorea Salva assumes the confident strut and air of indifference that befits the city’s most “honoured” cleric. White hair in compliment, or imitation, of her oft-times confidant Queen Sydana, she is given to fashion that highlights her well-rounded limbs and noble features. She is young for a High Priestess which is probably due mostly to her royal friendship / patronage.

Chains and small votive amulets are regularly draped about her person when seen in public. Some less respectful members of Kordova’s populace have likened her speeches outside the Temple of Eviscerated Joy as being like the sound of clashing cymbals as it appears that Dolorea was not born with the ability to modulate her tone or voice.
High Priestess Pain. Lady of the Bower.
Human (Southern Kordovan)
House Salva
Related To:
Lord Iras Salva, Adriano Salva, Marietta (Mother).
The Highest. Close confidant of the Queen. Feared or honoured throughout Kordova.
The Queen’s Coven.


Known Background:
Dolorea is the eldest child of Iras Salva, the Warden of the Ports. Old style country nobles that essentially control the town named for them, the Salvas are intimately connected to the trade up and down the River Malravan and the Lake of Steam. This means wealth, and Dolorea was raised as a virtual princess on their vast estates outside the town of Salva looking toward the mountains and forest.

High Priestess Pain, (Lady Dolorea Salva)

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