Danmara Whitelock

"The real difference dear Balthas, if you'd not been so concerned with your relics, is that my Evidence is documented fact. Extrapolations from Cave Paintings may be fine for your colleagues...I prefer empirical proof."


Her precise and dignified speech belie Danmara’s common birth and upbringing. Raven dark hair cut sensibly short, usually underneath a cap or hat, small elfin features and a boyish impudent stance warn even the casual observer that an argument may be in the offing. Danmara is never seen without the texts, theodolites, charms, trowels and other items of her current obsession, archaeology.
Bard – 4th. College of Lore.
Chaotic Good.
Human (Southern Kordian / Vilhonese)
Sage, (Kordova).
Whitelock. (Prominent members of the Dyers and Weavers, retired to the Vilhon Reach to be nearer to her father’s family).
University District, Carmino District, Kordova.
Consortium for Change.


Known Information:
Danmara is the daughter of two relatively prosperous linen merchants, Eben and Dalya Whitelock. A precocious and only child they were able to afford tuition for Danmara with the view to her running their small merchant concern when they retired. Sent to learn accounts and figures at a Guilder school Danmara’s life would have followed this admirable, yet boring, path without disturbing so much as a street tile in her home district of Lavrana.

She is the co-founder of the Sorores Scientia et Magia, a group of younger women in Kordova dedicated to research, science and gaining the respect they deserve from a definitely chauvinistic University establishment.

The PC’s have met Danmara, helping her to rescue two workmen that had gone astray on an ‘illegal’ dig she was conducting in Altana. She and Calaith were last seen chatting together and leaving the Hall of the Sunset, possibly with the intention of heading to the University District.

GM Secret. Player Secret – Calaith Lorewaever

Danmara Whitelock

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