Arkaela Nlockk, "Huntress"

"I will find you Raniir my love. Though I search all the wilds of Faerun, every stinking city and wide ocean. We will be together again."


A tall, statuesque blond from the northern land of Damara. Arkaela moves as if she were stalking prey across the snowy tundra, smooth and silent. Her rough furs and strong accent mark her as foreign, as do the stark pale blue eyes, high forehead and milk skin of her fore-mothers.

Ranger – 4th. Hunter Archetype. Outlander Background.


Arkaela is a quite recent addition to the ranks of the Sunset Wanderers. Travelling across the wilds of Faerun in search of her lost love Raniir, a young Damaran “quester” who had failed to return to his homeland. Hard-bitten by the road and taciturn in nature, Arkaela can appear stand-offish to those outside the guild, though she has embraced her new friends concerns as her own, even if temporarily.

Arkaela’s first appearance at breakfast on Flamerule 12th was taciturn, yet friendly. She listened intently to all discussions, yet contributed nothing more than an occasional nod. Her face was not hostile however, just watchful.

GM Secret. Side Narrative. Arkaela and Raniir

Arkaela Nlockk, "Huntress"

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