Arantes Hermollia

"Mmm, well, I'd say that was the result we were looking for Kithri. It is just that pink hair on a man of my years is so undignified. Perhaps, hmm...ah, we could have another go at it?"


An elderly and distinguished looking human, white flowing beard and a slight rosy glow to his cheeks. Hunched from years of sitting and reading, Arantes never-the-less exudes an aura of energy and vitality, quick to smile or laugh.
Wizard – 9th. Conjuration School.
Lawful good.
Mystra, Azuth.
Human (Southern Kordovan).
Sage. (Kordova University, The Clifftower).
Hermollia. Landed gentry from near Torsch.
Westgate District, Kordova.
The Consortium for Change (supports, not active).


Known Information:
Arantes came to the Sunset Wanderers as a young man and has never really left. For many years he was the ‘front-line’ wizard of the guild, fighting initially alongside Guildmaster Grendiir and then later members (such as Silvio and Alaena until in recent years he began to feel his age. Days of adventure and “derring-do” were replaced by a love of study and investigation in the quiet, comfortable depths of the Guild-Hall.

Our newest members have barely had time to meet Arantes properly. Perhaps with a little more leisure time he will be more forthcoming with himself and his own role in the guild.

GM Secret.

Arantes Hermollia

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