High Dawn-Greeter of Lathander, Alisant Moro

"Trying to steer a path for the Good citizens of this city can be an exhausting experience. In my opinion it definitely stems from giving women too much power, too much authority."


A 41 year old, going on 80. Alisant is ostentatiously dressed, but sober in nature. His manner is considered and deliberate, excepting the subject of some of Kordova’s more ‘liberal’ faiths.


Noted misogynist and former battle-priest attached to King Ottovar Altan I’s staff, Alisant ascended to the highest ranking position within the local church of Lathander by popular election of his peers. A force for conservatism and decorous behavior in Kordova he has been often at odds with the cadre of priestesses and noble women surrounding Queen Sydana. A recent scandal though is probably more on his mind (see Initial Information 3. The Preiest of the Feast – Churchgoers Category).

GM Secret.

High Dawn-Greeter of Lathander, Alisant Moro

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