The Destiny of Kord

The Temple Complex of Thalandraea

Session 9 - "An Animated Discussion"

Early Afternoon 24th Flamerule 472 KR, Beneath Kordova.

Story: Gaukin and Lando sat, legs dangling over the ridge of broken steps, sharing a quick repast of dried meat and fruit, hard cheese and solid, stodgy biscuit. Their small lantern and its warming glow illuminating the ancient tower, its smashed steps, gaping rents and half-melted rock a mad, twisted thing in the half light as it stretched toward the cavern roof. They spoke in hushed low tones, flinching every now and again at the continued noise from the small tower room above them. Heavens only knew where Kosef had taken himself off to, but anywhere had to be better than listening to the increasingly arch 'conversation' between Cathrykan and Calaith that was audible even four levels below. Sometimes Gaukin wished he could just make everybody relax and take a moment to enjoy life. He and Lando were getting along just fine, even if the Dragonmere swordsman was more interested in wine than in food.

Gaukin reached down again for another dried plum, chewing reflectively as the two clear voices became a little strained. They were discussing money, or was it contributions? He couldn't really get it completely straight in his head. And lies. Gaukin didn't really understand lies. 'Flatlander's seemed to need to tell so many of the things. Who you were. Who you liked. Why you did things. At home there wasn't much call for 'forked-speech', where it was you, your tribe and the elements, a constant struggle for supremacy over nature. Only Shamans spoke with 'forked-tounges', the language of serpents, but they said it was to protect the tribe… and anyway no self respecting Goliath would listen to a Shaman over the evidence of his (or her) own eyes and ears, the voices of the wind and the story of the earth.

Was that a rat? Out in the darkness. There… again, another shape at the edge of the lantern light. Lando had stood sharply and Gaukin had the unique perspective of looking up at a companion for once as he stood quivering, Falcon already drawn peering out into the darkness. Gaukin followed his gaze, and the flickers of shadow rendered into figures as his eyes adjusted to the fainter light beyond the immediate glow of their lantern. There were figures there, moving at the edges of the pool of light. Lando tossed his eating blade, a small crude knife, to the edge of the shadow and the figures receded into the darkness again, before returning like a strange shadowy tide repelled by movement or noise. 

"Probably just those Grey Shamblers again", whispered Lando, Falcon still extended before him and eyes darting left and right.

Gaukin mouthed an agreement, trying to breathe the words rather than speak.

"Hold on," thought the young Goliath. "If they were hungry before, they might still be hungry now. I think I can solve this problem…." and he smiled happily, reaching down for the end of a thick skinned sausage, laden with garlic. 

Throwing the sausage to the edge of the lantern-light, Gaukin watched as one of the grey skinned creatures that Calaith had called Grimlocks moved forward, its eyeless sockets fixed on the sausage as it snuffled its way forward. The creature grabbed the meat, noisily devouring it in a matter of seconds before retreating into the darkness again. Gaukin glanced up at Lando and shrugged, opening his mouth to say something. Before he could utter what was probably a request for further food a surge of movement from all about their small area of light erupted inwards. A veritable horde of saggy-skinned, clawed horrors pounced as if one, rushing upward toward Gaukin and Lando, clawing over the rough ground and each other to rush the two companions atop the stair.

"Hey. You two, stop with the… the talking… there's, there's grey-things down here!!" yelled Gaukin as Lando edged forward and Kosef melted soundlessly out of the shadows of the first floor, jumping down beside them with his thin blade already drawn.


Cathrykan -

Calaith -

Gaukin -

Lando -

The Party -

Active Characters:

Calaith Loreweaver, Gaukin Lumberbearer Katho-Kakane, Lando Calraesa (Both Sessions).

Kosef Mara (1st Session).

Cathrykan Shintar (2nd Session).

Off Characters:

Erro Moonshadow, Evnarra Rockcutter, Sharah Bloodcast, Silifrey Dotsk.


Treava, Acolyte of Pain.




1875 XP for each 2 session ACTIVE CHARACTER.

1304 XP for 1st session ACTIVE CHARACTER (Kosef).

1739 XP for 2nd session ACTIVE CHARACTER (Cathrykan).

1218 XP for each OFF CHARACTER.


Zannthiriisis, Summoning Staff.

Robe of Useful Items – 7 additional patches.

Green & Gold Spellbook.

2 Ancient Bronze Statues – Inscriptions.

Alchemists Equipment and Dry Supplies (Enough to cobble together 2 Alchemical Kits).

84gp in ancient denominations.

Clay Statuette – gifted by the 'lost-duergar'.

Underdark Trade Tokens  – gifted by the 'lost-duergar'.

Pouch of Diamond Dust (Cathrykan - unnoticed by Party).


A First Hand Account of the Ash Wars – by Gorgora, Companion of His Majesty King Kord the Preserver.

The Founding of Selune's Tear and the Monastery of Her Starry Gaze – by Record Keeper Malor Noevra.

Damaged Diary – of Anthalanos, Arch-Wizard of The Spyre.

Damaged Mystic Tomes – 3 Severely damaged books from The Spyre, the tower of wizardry in ancient Thalandraea.




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