The Destiny of Kord

Guilder's Rest and Doldrum Days

Interlude 3 - "Happy Holidays"

29th of Flamerule, 472 KR, Day of Conciliation, Kordova.

Placeholder future.

2nd – 14th Elesias, 472KR, Various Locations.

NPC's: [[:andrukkar | Andrukkar Stouthaft]], Quailyth Half-Elven, [[:bilvyn | Bilvyn Corkhand]], Brother Opius, [[:pina | Pina Muteheart]], Magretor Homeforger, [[:wanderra | Wanderra Lightouch]], Killain Shintar and more…

GM Notes: And so concludes ACT I of our journey. Hopefully we all make it intact through the next four. Again stressing that the true 'drivers' of this tale are the members of the Sunset Wanderers. However, the multiverse does continue to move in a myriad of directions, and one of these is forwards…



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