The Destiny of Kord

Fairs, Feasts and Being Feted

Interlude 2 - "A Visit to the Trade Fair"

17th & 19th-24th Flamerule, 472KR, Various Locations.

Downtime Story: Arranged as a roughly chronological account of the minor events that can lead to greater upheavals and adventures.

A Clandestine Meeting.

Night of the 17th of Flamerule, 472KR, Dockside District, Kordova.

Vim Nander of the Twists is a man that many claim should be working permanently on Actors Row. A 

Delivered Goods.

Night of the 19th Flamerule, 472KR, Warrens District, Kordova.

Old Feldohan, or so he was know to the locals, hummed his way happily about his small, modestly furnished home in the depths of the Warrens…

'Family Matters'.

Midnight 20th Flamerule, 472KR, Beneath Kordova.

"If the walls of one of the most secret office rooms in Kordova could talk… well, they'd probably be silenced swiftly by a blade or dart."

However, in the interests of conjecture, picture a room lit by fine-beeswax candles, immaculate woodwork and neatly arrayed scrolls in wooden 'pigeon-holes'. Picture the urbane, yet dangerous looking man seated behind the polished mahogany desk, rubbing his jaw as he looks across at his subordinates. An immensely fat, pale human with a twisted madness in his eyes. A southerner, lean and hardened by outdoor travel. The looming presence of a huge Chultan with shaven head and scars white against his rich black skin. The slightly built woman, deep eyes glossy black and her hair arranged artfully around her onyx horns laden with jewellery and totems.

Slightly apart we would recall seeing (if we survived the clandestine observance) a young half-elven lass, all black leather and cascading red hair. And beyond, as if an afterthought to the room, though watching everything with an emotionless gaze, a nondescript Kordovan man of youngish years but calm demeanour.

Imagine if you will, the instructions from the 'Father' to his 'Children', the exchange of briefs and the updating of finished contracts, signed red with blood. Perhaps you can hear the directions to increase training protocols for the 'Fingers', an enquiry into exotic poisons of the curiously attired Tiefling, or the curt instructions to the young Kordovan man present to move his timetable for a certain job forward.

"Such things we would have seen and heard, if the walls of this place of dealing and death were alive and not silent solid stone."

The Festival of the Red Sisters.

Day of the 20th Flamerule, 472KR, Bel-Sydana District, Kordova.

Sun streaming down on the sacred enclosure…

A New Parish.

Morning 21st Flamerule, 472KR, village of Salva.

Salva is a large village attached to the estates of the Family of the same name, the Salva's of current favour in court and conclave….

The Unlamented Demise of Toldrin Medar.

Mid-Morning 21st Flamerule, 472KR, Altana District, Kordova.

Toldrin Medar was a fat man, with a fat mans appetites. His primary

Intellectual Connections.

Day of the 21st of Flamerule, 472KR, University and Carmino Districts, Kordova.

The Sorores Scientia et Magia were formed…

Strange Tunnels.

Night of the 22nd Flamerule, 472KR, Water Gardens District, Kordova.

During the course of one of the Sunset Wanderers more frenetic evenings (Adventure Log – The Rumble in the Square) they discovered a network of small tunnels beneath the Warrens, Twists and Water Gardens Districts, used by criminals, the indigent and other denizens of Kordova's underbelly as refuges and swift unnoticed transit across the southern part of the city. One of these had been concealed by a weak illusion spell, and now with some downtime to explore the city fully Calaith resolved to discover the secrets of the network. This first involved a trip Dockside into seamy barge-man and dock-worker establishments in search of a 'knowledgeable gnome'. After finding his mark and enjoying the diverse sights, and smells, of the Dockside area he returned to the guildhall with a plan that was only short one element; the presence of some solid backup in case of unexpected problems.

Dinner and a Show.

Late Afternoon, 24th Flamerule 472KR, Circus District, Kordova.

Reverse the order and that is how we left Sharah Bloodcast, headed to the Twisted Ring to take in the sights and marvels of the permanent circus run by the fantastically attired and strangely spoken Mallan Bolg, known to all as the Ringmaster. 


The Circus, the Trade Fair and the Guildhall.

16th Flamerule Onwards, The Circus District, Kordova.

Additionally much of the activity of the Sunset Wanderers revolved around the exploration and integration into their still fresh environment. Only Kosef, local of the city as he is, paid seemingly little attention to the…

Downtime Features:

Calaith – Returns from an extended excursion with Gaukin in tow, bearing a strange wooden box, inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl and intricately carved. It is large enough that the young elf carries it with some effort, and appears to be made of many different woods.

Cathrykan – Inspects her future 'parish' in Salva, incidentally the site of her first religious observances in the Kordovan region. Her recent elevation to nascent-Mother of a small church and exotic background earn her a seat within hailing distance of the Royal party at the Festival of the Red Sisters. 

Gaukin - 

Kosef -

Sunset Wanderers - Increase in numbers yet again, with the arrival of a young Paladin of Helm. Describing himself as a Wandering Knight,  Andario is a competent looking young man, with closed cropped hair and a lean hawkish face. Deeply tanned from travels under the sun he has offered his services in exchange for a place to stay, companionship and guild-privileges. (RP to Follow for Intro.)

Expedition B - Upon rising early on the 22nd of Flamerule in Sherra, Sharah discovered the following note addressed to the Party, Gone into the Moonshadow. Erro was nowhere to be seen. Shortly afterwards they were interrupted by Silifrey, who had completed her observances at Erruggarr's Shrine and caught up with them on the Palfrey that Cathrykan had previously lent to Erro. 

Downtime Characters:

Calaith Loreweaver, Cathrykan Shintar, Gaukin Lumberbearer, Kosef Mara.


Ruath'ana Nua, Winch Winder Ratchet.


*(21st of Flamerule) A small section of the area surrounding the High House of the Morning in Altana District has been fenced off by the Iron Fist pending an investigation. It appears that a high ranking functionary (The High Dawn Greeter's Bath Attendant) has died inside an adjacent complex under somewhat suspicious circumstances. Soldiers of the Legion have been posted and three members of the Iron Fist have already been seen in the vicinity. 


0 - ACTIVE CHARACTERS (None – See Previous Log for time-overlap).

923 - OFF CHARACTERS (Concurrent with Previous Log, do not add twice!)

Story Goal Revealed:

Refitting the Hall Part 2 Initiated.


Eastern Puzzle Box.


None. Next Session – Sherra to Kordova (21st Onwards) & Trade Fair (20 – 23rd Flamerule Onwards).


500pp + 1069gp + 690sp + 144cp = 6,152.4 GP.

6 Fire Agates (60gp), 4 Bales High Quality Cloth (100gp), 8 Sunstones (74gp), 34 Inferior Topazs (1912gp), 4 Uncut Tourmalines (85gp). (Note – Evnarra's alterations upwards for two prices, also, cloth prices still low in Kordia). = 1997 GP.

Total – 8149.4 – Less Tithe – 7334.46.

Divided Evenly (9) – 814.94 GP for each Player Character.

Miscellaneous / Unclaimed Items:

1 Undamaged Flawless Ruby (6,650gp) – Perhaps for Enchanting?

Hammer of the Forge – large Warhammer from Hyradraea.

Tattered Red Scroll Case.

2 Common Healing Potions

Suit of Sturdy Magical Studded Leather Armour (+ 1 AC).

Smiths Hammer, 2 x Ritual Knife, 1 x Chainmail, Cult Flag.



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